Transferring to UNC

<p>Hey yall, I am thinking of transferring to UNC as a sophomore in the fall, but I am kind of hesitant. Is it hard to come in as a second-year into UNC? Can anyone who was a transfer student give any insight or advice from their experience? I was thinking about going through sorority rush, since it would be an awesome way to get going at UNC, but is it difficult to rush as a sophomore? Do houses look down on that? Any advice whatsoever would be so appreciated!</p>

<p>Thank yall so much in advance!</p>

<p>My son transferred in as a junior. He found UNC students as a whole to be very friendly and accepting. He also pledged a fraternity for the reason you mentioned and did find it a quick way to meet a large group of guys. He transferred from a smaller university (around 5000 students) and found UNC to be less "cliquish". (is that a word?)</p>

<p>It is hard to transfer into UNC as a sophomore; the admissions people usually admit only a small amount of sophomore transfers each year. But, if you get in, you should have no problem fitting in here. I don't think you'd find it too difficult to join a sorority during your sophomore year, particularly if you are a sophomore.</p>

<p>Thank yall for your input! I was deferred and then waitlisted from UNC last year, and UNC is where I've always really wanted to be at, so I am applying and seeing what happens!</p>

<p>Thank you guys! And texas2013, that is exactly my situation! So weird!</p>

<p>It's hard to transition socially as a transfer student. Not many people talk about it but myself and almost every transfer student I've met has said the same. It's just not the same trying to find a group of friends as when you are a freshman and no one knows anyone. </p>

<p>Having said that I have no regrets. I've still made a lot of friends, had a great time and genuinely enjoy being here. Transferring sucks no matter what the school is, you just have to try a lot harder to get a social group; Joining a frat/sorority or some other large group is a good way and I've heard many join as sophomores</p>