Transfers with no available housing?

<p>There is a pretty long waiting list for housing and I haven't even been admitted yet (I'm expecting to be in two weeks). What are your plans? Are you going to look into the off campus housing? The villas look affordable and comfortable but finding a roommate might be problematic.</p>

<p>I live in the Villas and I have heard from the staff that they are full for next year. However, it is probably worthwhile to call and find out for yourself to be sure.</p>

<p>Do you know of any other options? I would really like to go here over Albany.</p>

<p>Have you looked into off-campus apartments? University Heights is fairly popular/affordable. It's the neighborhood surrounding South Campus.</p>

<p>I just think it might be difficult for me to find a roommate since it is pretty late. I'm considering collegiate village. Has anyone heard anything about that? The villas and UV sweet home seem to be hated by most. I read a few reviews.</p>

<p>I've looked at their website as my kid is going to need apt housing for next summer and beyond (hoping for on-campus, but you never know). I haven't been able to find any reviews on CV but like that they are gated, have separate locking bedrooms, rates seem reasonable, and they have a shuttle to South Campus (not sure about North, but the Stampede would take care of that). I'm just not sure about the general neighborhood and would probably ask someone who actually lives in Buffalo about it. There is a crime stats website somewhere online and that seems to be the general area that most of the assaults/violent crime occur...but it could be several blocks (or more) removed from that. If you don't know anyone in Buffalo, you could always call the URHA staff and ask them what their opinion is...and let us know what you find out!</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. The fact that it is gated is a plus. Are you considering CV for your son? Is it going to be his first year? I'm a bit nervous about not living on campus for the first year as I hear the best way to meet people is to live on campus. I'll let you know what I find out.</p>

<p>No, my daughter will be a sophomore this year so she'll have had 2 years of dorm living. Her program requires summers at UB after this year so she's going to have to come up with housing in May...will apply for on-campus, but no telling what her lottery number will be or how many vacancies they'll have for the 12-month lease apartments.</p>

<p>Considering it is your first year I would definitely get on the waiting list for the dorms. The convenience and social aspects of the dorms make it worth your while to at least bug the housing office a bit and see if there is any way they can squeeze you in now. Be sure to ask somebody at the housing office what the probability of getting in the dorms (even if it is after school starts) is. Living off campus the very first year could be a real bummer (unless you are especially outgoing or already have a group of friends in the Buffalo area), so try everything to get on campus!</p>

<p>I am of course going to try to but they have told me it is very unlikely.</p>

<p>The Collegiate Village area isn't bad, but it's not very far from some bad areas. I'd feel comfortable there, but wouldn't recommend venturing very far at night.</p>

<p>It would also be pretty inconvenient to North Campus as well - if you have to take their shuttle to south and then grab the Stampede to north, you're looking at a long trip (I'd say it could be up to an hour depending on how long you have to wait between stops and stuff). If you have a car, it would only be about 20 minutes to north.</p>

<p>Sweet Home and the Villas don't get favorable reviews, but they are a lot closer.</p>

<p>Sk8rmom, my upperclass friends tell me that a 12 month lease is easier to get than a 10 month. I'm probably putting in for a 12 month next year even though I likely only need a 10 month - the monthly rates are lower on the 12 month so the difference in price isn't that great, and it saves the hassle of moving in and out.</p>

<p>007, that's good to know...guess I figured since 12-months are only available in a couple of the complexes, it might be tricky to get one. Do you know if it's possible/common to simply sublet on campus apartments for the summer from a student who has a 12-month but doesn't stay in Buff? She needs housing for 8-1/2 weeks...midMay-July but doesn't want to stay in dorms.</p>

<p>12 month are available in all the complexes as far as I know. Flint is exclusively 12 month I believe, Hadley and South Lake are 10 or 12.</p>

<p>According to URHA's website, subletting is allowed at the discretion of the complex director. Don't know how commonly people do it though.</p>

<p>Thanks for pointing that out...I'm trying to figure out what options there are before school starts and life gets crazy again and think I must have misread what URHA was saying. They actually mean they only have certain complexes with 12 month leases available to her because she's an undergrad...duh!</p>

<p>Im looking to join fall 2011 Would i get housing at the school?</p>