Transportation to William and Mary

<p>I'm a transfer student, possibly visiting this weekend. Is tidewater shuttle service reliable? Are there other options for me? Is taking a cab the better choice?</p>

<p>Are you coming from an airport? Which one?</p>

<p>I'm not familiar with the shuttle or taxi service personally, but I do know that the Student Assembly sponsors free cab rides and shuttles to the airports during exam times when everyone is leaving.</p>

<p>Also, the train is convenient as it is two blocks from campus and you can make it feel just a little more like Harry Potter.</p>

<p>I'll be landing in Newport News (PHF) Airport.</p>

<p>Check the airport's web site. Richmond and Norfolk airports both utilize shuttle companies that transport people to and from campus for a fee (Groome Transportation is the most utilized)</p>

<p>Tidewater is listed @ $35 each way for a single - cabs will be similar. Tidewater</a> Coach - Williamsburg Airport Shuttle</p>

<p>If you're cost-sensitive, there's some bus service between Patrick Henry Mall (about a mile from the a/p) and Williamsburg - take a cab to PHM for like $5, then take a bus.</p>

<p>There's the HRT 121 express bus service from the PHM to the Williamsburg Transportation Center (Amtrak / Bus station) but that only runs like 4x a day. $1.50 each way. </p>

<p>Alternatively, there's the HRT 116 bus from PHM to "Lee Hall", where you can transfer to the Williamsburg Gray Line Route 60 bus. $2.75 each way.</p>

<p>I found using Google Maps "public transport" feature.</p>

<p>Hampton</a> Roads Transit
Williamsburg</a> Area Transport</p>