Travel Clubs and other options for accommodations

Anyone belong to a travel club or home exchange groups for travel purposes? Given the ever increasing costs of hotels, AirBnb, etc. what other options have you tried? Hostels as an older adult? Travel Clubs ( Affordable Travel Club, Evergreen Travel Club, etc.). Other options? Experiences?

I know timeshares aren’t for everyone, but we have owned 2 and feel like they’ve been a pretty good deal for us. We use the time, plus we’ve done several “extra vacations” through the timeshare companies.

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No, we like to stay in unique hotels and not be tied down to one place.

I’m a big fan of cruises - not the 3 day booze cruises - but multi-week cruises that travel to a new to me part of the world. My cruises generally run $200-$400/day including travel, excursions, food and accommodations.

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I love them too and am really looking forward to doing the World Cruise as a retirement gift to myself.

Great minds think alike!

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