Trin Coll EDII Class of 2024

Since the decisions are just a week away, I thought it was a good idea to start this discussion. Please share your stats and decisions.

I am also waiting for my decision.

How hard do you think admission for international students requesting aid will be?

Does anyone know what day the decision is coming out?

@mollyjulia Last year they were released on 2/13. Their IG story says “later this week”.
Good luck to everyone.

Last year it was on 14 feb. I think this time also…

Can we expect a decision in a couple of hours?

I got accepted as a Design Fellow!


I got rejected from Trinity ED ll after putting my blood, sweat and tears in the application. I had a meltdown, I felt pressure on my head and pain in my chest, cried my heart out, had a huge scoop of ice cream and began to face reality. I will not let this break me, I will not let admission officers damage my self-confidence. Moreover, I will work harder and smarter. One day I will look at this day and LAUGH. I know It is hard but I am not the product of my mistakes, rejections do not define me. I know how it feels to be championed and I crave that feeling too but if it damages my self confidence every time I don’t succeed then It is not worth it. It is fruitless. I know the world seems shiny here but it is only because no one wants to really talk about their failures. I embrace my failures, rejections and all the “NO”-s because it is OKAY. It doesn’t mean I will not make a great Scientist . It is just a small obstacle we all have to face.

I was also rejected. Although it is kinda sad but I am okay with it :slight_smile:

Hey Puneet. I am from India too. Can we talk on insta @kartikey_ks

This year in EDs
Total 330 students admitted
38 International Students
76% admitted students applied without test scores
56% admitted students got aid

Source : Trinity Official Website

DD was admitted as a Design Fellow! Any information on what that means???