Trinity college class of 2022 Facebook

I just got into Trinity College Class of 2022 via ED. I was wondering if there is a Facebook page or a group?

Hey there. Congrats. What were your stats? I am also applying RD.

congrats, i am also applying but RD. Did you apply test optional and request financial need/aid? because I know those 2 factors are important

Hi, congrats!! I got in ED as well. I haven’t seen a Facebook group, but I’ll let you know if I do, I want to join one as well.

I’ve applied in RD too. Best of luck for the RD applicants. :slight_smile:

Decisions posted today at 7pm!

I got waitlisted.does anyone know if waitlisted students stand a good chance at trinity?

Hi! I was just accepted into Trinity. Wondering if there is a facebook?