Trinity College class of 2025

I have applied as an international for Spring Transfer Admissions to Trinity College. Has anyone else applied to Trinity College this year?

When are the results coming? Any idea? I am so excited.

Let’s be here for each other. Waiting to hear from you all!

Were you told “mid-December”? So was I, and I applied ED 1 for the class of 2025.

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Yes, I was told from beginning to middle, maybe because I was a spring 2021 transfer applicant. I got my result on 3rd and finally REJECTED . :frowning:

Aw, I’m so sorry about that :frowning: wishing you the best of luck elsewhere.

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I applied only to trinity for Spring transfers. I will be applying again to other universities for fall.

Thank you for the support. And I wish you all the best! If you are SELECTED, I would be the happiest!

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone heard back from Trinity yet? My friend got a decision in late February RD and I applied RD as well. I thought they were coming out in Mid to late March?

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Hi, my son was EA differed. Still have not heard anything. Was your friend accepted?

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My DS applied RD to Trinity for Fall 2025 with all materials submitted by mid December 2020 for his application. He hasn’t heard anything at all yet and the student portal doesn’t show anything that would indicate he is accepted, denied or waitlisted. @CCollegeU your friend is lucky to have heard. I didn’t realize Trinity gave rolling notifications, I thought they did them in batches for ED and RD.

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Yes she was accepted with $25k a year

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I don’t believe Trinity admission is rolling but I have seen on one other thread someone talking about how they received their decision in late February, perhaps only those who were awarded scholarships were notified in Feb?

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Does anyone know if they have a specific RD decision date?

Trinity admissions process is rolling as far as I know.

@Lightening20 They are not rolling application or rolling decisions for RD. There may be students who receive likely letters or early writes before the RD announcements. Please see this thread Trinity College RD Class of 2024 where it is clearly discussed that Trinity released information on their Instagram last year that decisions for RD would all come out on March 13th (and all the students posting their results). Additionally, if you look at the Trinity website Application Process - Admissions & Aid it states that the RD deadline is January 15th, again not “rolling”.

I understand. I had applied to Trinity for transfers in November and from what I felt, their decisions plan is rolling. Application is not rolling. Maybe they release admissions decision depending on geographic locations. I do not know much about the Regular decisions.

I think they may be rolling for transfer students but not first year

RD decisions are coming out tonight.

Whoaaaa. Are you sure??? Who told you this???

Trinity posted the news today on their Instagram account. Decisions will drop sometime between 7-8 pm. Good luck, everyone!

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DS waitlisted - their loss, he’s a great student and an amazing all around person.