Trinity College CT ED 1 class 2023

Hey guys, post your stats here

guys post your stats here to help ed2, regular and next year students

I am an international student. I got 27 ACT on my first trial and 31 on my 2nd with a perfect score on science and maths on both trails.
4 unweighted GPA
no sat subject test
participated in the physics olympiad and international science and engineering fair (ISEF)
Did research and worked on a lot of engineering projects
Major: Engineering
Most of my activities are science-related
I am applying for financial aid.

I’m an international applicant also
I didn’t submit any Standardized tests
4.0 unweighted GPA
Lots of Ec’s
Major: Engineering
Community Services
Work Experience

Does anyone know when we are going to hear back?

@meaghanflaherty last year it was out by December 14, so I guess it should be tomorrow (Friday)!!

they posted on insta that its today at 7pm

where on ig did you see that? @sd1818

Okay just did some digging and they posted on twitter that the decisions will be out tonight @7

Good luck everyone!

Got an email yesterday at 4 saying my application status was updated

Congrats to everyone who got in-- Does anyone know if there is a facebook group yet?

did anyone get in?

Daughter got in. She is very exited.

@meaghanflaherty - my son was accepted ED. He said there is a 2023 facebook page out there.

To the accepted international applicants: how were your financial aid packages?

Please can someone reply to this?

I got in!