Trinity College (CT) ED-I Class of 2026

Since the decisions are just a week or two away, I thought it would be a good idea to start this thread.
Please feel free to share your stats, decisions, or any info you get about the decision dates.

Does anyone know when ED notifications will be released? I figured it would be last Thursday but they have been quiet about releasing them. My daughter is stressing out about it so please lmk!

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Hello! It’ll be released tonight. They posted an Instagram reel just 30 minutes ago. All the best to your daughter! Be sure to check your portal tonight (Night for Eastern Time)


Do you possibly know what time? Thank you.

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Hey y’all, decisions should’ve been posted around 7pm! How’d you do?!

DS 22 accepted! Good luck to all
and Roll Bants!


Ayy! Congratulations. I got accepted as a presidential scholar too! Super excited to join Trinity next year.


Has anyone received their financial aid information yet?

I have!
Their portal link doesn’t work (I seriously don’t know why they haven’t fixed that yet).

Just contact their financial aid office to get access to your finaid portal and get info about your financial aid.