Trinity College Deferral - Fall Semester Work Request

Deferred from Trinity College and they stated the following:

“we believe we must review the applications of all of the candi­dates for the Class of 2022 as well as your completed fall semester work before making a final decision on your application.”

SO what to do now? Does GC send grades thru end of this year when we return from holiday recess? What else should be sent? Any suggestions to turn deferral to acceptance is appreciated.

You got deferred from ED? What was your stats, did you go test optional and write the supplement essay? or request financial aid?

Yes, have your GC provide mid-year grades.

If you have any new accomplishments or awards, advise Trinity of them. Your goal should be to have a more compelling application when it is reviewed in the RD round. You could be admitted with no updates, but odds are that with no changes in the application, there will be no changes in the outcome.