Trinity College ED2 (Decisions Released!)

I’m an international student with significant financial need and I got into Trinity College ED 2!


(South) Asian male, applied for CS, high financial need.

Essays: my CommonApp essay was probably the weakest part of my entire app, but I think I made up for it in the Trinity College supplement (I talked about how I have a lot of interests, etc. Very generic and nothing which showed too much personality, but maybe, being an LAC, they kinda liked it (which was all I was hoping for lol))

LORs: Math-very good, Economics-very good, CS-fine (nothing extraordinary)

ACT: 32, 9/12 and 32, 11/12. (33 superscore) I sent them my second ACT way too late (it got rescheduled) so IDK if they even considered it.

GPA: 4.00 UW (4 A*s and 4 As in O Levels, 4 As in AS Level). My GPA was initially a 3.97 because I had gotten a B in Math. I retook that exam, got an A, and sent in my 4 GPA

ECs: create app designs, written a short ebook, cooking, technology head at a non-profit, have had a few clients for design/copywriting work, internship at a hospital and govt. startup incubator, MUN (no leadership activities, no awards).

Edit: Lol this place is so empty. Anyone who applied and got their decision?!

OMG I didn’t expect the result to come out today, but I am admitted!!

I am also an international student applying for FA, have you heard anything about FA yet?

Congrats!!! Looking forward to seeing you on campus! Regarding FA, not yet, they replied to a comment on their instagram (@trincolladmiss) and said that financial aid info will be released on Monday!

Also I’m kinda bummed that they didn’t post about it anywhere except their instagram (as compared to how they released their ED1 and ED2 decisions previously) which is how I got to know about it. I didn’t even receive any email lol, even though when I DMd and asked about it they said we’d receive an email about a portal status update around 7 PM EST.

Also, just out of curiosity, what are your stats?

Asian Male. SAT 1460, MATH Level 2 800, Chemistry 720. GPA W 4.43 UW 3.91

Woah, SAT IIs! You got a much well deserved acceptance. May I ask why you ended up choosing Trinity as your first choice? For me it was their financial aid, the interdisciplinary science program, and their focus on international students.

I chose Trinity first of all because my high school counselor highly recommended (I’m studying in a private high school in US currently) also because of their great focus on international student and relatively generous FA policy.

Awesome! Have you accepted your offer yet? I’ll be waiting to hear about FA on Monday before I really commit, lol

Yeah I will wait for the FA and see if it meets my need. But I think they promised to meet 100 percent of needs for admitted student. Anyways, just in case, I want to wait until Monday. Can’t wait to tell me counselor!!

I got rejected :frowning:

imiwer1, so sorry to hear that. But I’m sure you’ll hear good news from other colleges soon!

jonathanaf, same here!

@imiwer1 If you don’t mind me asking, what are your stats and where are you from? Also did you request a significant amount of financial aid? Where else have you applied?

@blackmirror I’m an international student from Latin america (female) , my gpa is 3.8, applied for psychology .8, several EC’s mostly focusing on volunteering, I applied test optional, my essay was pretty good and I did requested a significant amount of financial aid. I applied to a couple of liberal arts school, I’m waiting for providence college response.

@imiwer1 well you never know what exactly colleges are looking for. I hope you get into Providence College!!

@blackmirror Thank you so much!!

@jonathanaf Did they write you a personal note on your acceptance letter that came in the mail? It made me happy lol

@blackmirror They did and said that I would love the extracurricular at Trinity.