Trinity College RD 2022

Just thought I would start a thread here :slight_smile:

According to the website, decisions come out in late March. Y’all nervous?

Nervous enough to check the portal and this page everyday!! My #1 choice…the wait is horrible.

It’s my daughter’s #2 choice. Her #1 is Tulane, but they are almost neck in neck. Has anyone heard about number of RD applicants this year?

@frutsun last year they received 6098 applications overall, the number must be higher this year following an upward trend that has been seen. (

As for ED this year, they accepted a total of 310 students in both rounds. (

That’s all the info they have released till now.

@slaythedogma Trinity released last year’s RD decisions on the 23rd. Also, this year they released ED II results 2-3 days earlier than previous year - so they might release RD decisions earlier too this time.

Soo nervous!

Can anyone give me some insight as to what an interview at Trinity is like? Is it evaluative or low stress? Is it conducted by an admissions officer or students? What kinds of questions do they ask? Thanks!

My daughter had an interview with an alumnus and it was very low stress and comfortable. She says they talked for 1.5 hours and was very in depth.

Any update on an approximate notification date? Can’t wait…

Last year it was the 23rd, so should be around that time.

hey guys, i just got my decision ! so i think they’re out now?

They just came in! My daughter was accepted! However, I see no financial aid information. Does anyone else?

Still don’t have mine ahhh

@filipiyes, maybe it’s a rolling notification. I am very surprised because it’s quite early, especially compared to last year.

@glossed , did you get in?

How were you notified email, portal, or snail mail

@cranbrookdad , it was on the portal.

i was accepted after I got an email at 4:15pm PST to check my portal

my daughter received acceptance today, but no info about financials…

same. accepted, but no financial info