Trinity College RD Class of 2024

Hello all, I haven’t seen a discussion for Trinity RD 2024, so I decided to make one myself. In this forum, we will talk about when we expect Trinity RD decisions to come out and about our overall result (accepted, waitlisted, rejected). Let’s keep it family friendly and good luck to all applicants!

Hello! I’m anxiously awaiting the decision as well, does anyone know when they are coming out?

I am waiting for my decision from a week. In my country, most of the student’s decision have already been out - they are either wait listed or rejected. At least, I have not heard of anyone who is accepted till now.
While I emailed Trinity’s admission office, they said the decision should come out in a week.

Thank you for your update? Does that mean a week from today, or earlier? When did you email them?

It was 3 days ago.

Judging from what has happened in the past, I think it is very possible that emails with links to decisions could go out this evening (Friday) anywhere from 5 to 8 PM East Coast time. But I’ve seen no announcement of that, and it certainly could happen one day next week instead.

Trinity just posted on their instagram that decisions will be released tonight on the portal

It’s confirmed, decisions will be coming out tonight! I wish you guys the best, I’m very anxious. This is a top 3 school for me. Don’t necessarily have a top, but financial aid is the ultimate factor!

Same goes for me as well. Hope you all get in!

Good luck everyone!

Anyone find out yet?

Waitlisted. Is there something I should do now other than fill out the waitlist reply form?

3.75 UW 4.05W
SAT 1460
Good Essays
Good ECs
Good Recs

Admitted as a Presidential Scholar! cannot believe it!

Accepted for Art History!!
GPA 3.6 W
ACT: 29
Unique ECs
Good Recs
Good Essays

I’m so excited !!!

DD accepted. Didn’t see any financial info…anyone have ideas when that might come out?

DD accepted with a Design Fellowship!!?!?! Any information on Design Fellowships?

Financial Aid comes out in early April, according to the website.

Accepted!! (Biology major)

SAT: 1440
GPA (weighted): 3.70
Good EC’s (sailing team, 2 orchestras, job, pre-college summer program)
Good Essay
Good recs

Waitlisted. Is visiting campus a good way of showing interest while on the wait list?