Trinity College Transfer Fall of 2018

hey, is anyone applying to Trinity as a transfer for fall of 2018? if anyone was accepted last year would you mind posting your stats? thanks!

I’m applying as a transfer. Just submitted my application so I’m trying to get all the other materials in now

For which year? @Shoumei

@mishk90 I’m applying to enter as a Junior, how about you?

sophomore @Shoumei

@Shoumei how is everything going with your app?

@mishk90 great! I have everything submitted except for the midterm grade report thingy. How about you?

submitting this week hopefully, minus the midterm report

@mishk90 nice! The next few months are gonna be awful lol. I hate waiting

so nervous I really wanna get in

@mishk90 #relatable We got this though!

I had my skype interview last month and I think it went really well- my interviewer was a lady and she was really nice and almost made me feel like she was my big sister lol

do you know when decisions would go out?

@mishk90 niiice! I haven’t had an interview yet, how did you schedule yours? Last year decisions came out like last week of April/ first week of May

it was an online interview, I was supposed to meet with an alumni but I didn’t have a chance, so they let me do it via Skype

@Shoumei spoke to an admissions counselor at trinity a little while ago and we should be hearing by the end of this month

@mishk90 so soon???

@Shoumei apparently

@mishk90 i mean that’s awesome. The sooner the better. But also, when do we have to decide whether we’re going or not? I want to wait for my other schools

they will prob give us time, I was shocked when the guy said end of march, I doubt he said end of April (for decisions), so I hope we hear soon