Trinity ED II Class of 2023

hey guys
since the admission results are coming out soon i thought id start this discussion
feel free to share ur stats or if you’ve been notified

International student with a huge amount of financial need.
1410 on SAT 1
Took 3 subject test: Physics- 800, Math 2- 800 and Chemistry- 770
Vice President of a couple of science clubs.
Won 3 national medals in Physics and Astronomy; international olympiad participant.
The grading system is different in our school. However, I was 4th among 2000 students.
Can you share your stats as well?

I commented on their recent Instagram post - they said we will get our results at end of the week! Best of luck to everyone :heart:

Do u think they meant Friday or Sunday?

They posted today! I was admitted :slight_smile: (god bless)


SAT - did not submit
GPA: ~3.6 (90.80) at the end of junior year. However my grades have significantly improved this first semester of senior year so yay!
APs: 6
Honors: 7
Extracurriculars: Job, community service, UN conference, etc.

Not sure what else to add but pls ask if any questions!