Trinity University Admissions Decisions!

The last thread doesn’t look like it was really intended to be a decisions thread, so I figured I’d make another one. Feel free to post your decision, GPA, test scores, and whatever else you feel was important to your application!

D19 got in EA and we found out today at 4:30 pm! So excited! He got the $23K award .
He attends a competitive school, 3.7 WGPA, 32 ACT and had a ton of ECs including years of playing violin in orchestra and doing community service around music. He also did two very solid internships over the summers of sophomore and junior year in engineering and game design and ran STEM clubs at school. His essays were strong and spoke of his passion for photography and travel. he wants to do engineering science at Trinity.

My DD16 got in EA today too. She got the Murchison $26k scholarship with an invitation to compete for the Towers. She has a 4.755 W, and 3.95 UW, 35 ACT, #1 in her class, varsity cheer captain, NHS vice president, SkillsUSA Chapter and Executive Council President, Quiz Bowl state champ, a few other school items and lots of volunteer hours. She is super thrilled, as am I! My DD wants to major in neuroscience. Excited for everyone getting good news today!