Trinity vs. UMass Amherst

I’m an incoming college freshman and am really deciding between two schools; Trinity College in Connecticut and UMass Amherst. I’m looking to major in Environmental science but might be changing my major to biology come the fall. HELP.

UMass pros:

  • I know a couple people going
  • bigger student body, feel like It’d be easier to branch out
  • i like the campus but it is huge.
  • good school, lots of stem programs
  • D1, Zero chance of collegiate athletics (could play club though)
  • huge (potentially too many people)
  • other than the campus, it’s in the middle of nowhere

Trinity pros:

  • Nescac, good chance of walking on to certain sports team w my experience and that’s very important to me
  • love the campus
  • i like the area, close to a city
  • also a good school, i know it’s relatively selective
  • i don’t know anyone there
  • i’m worried it’ll be too preppy
  • it’s not really a known stem school (to my knowledge)
  • i’m worried it’s too small and i’ll be limited with such a small student body (2,000).

I’m on a couple waitlists too but I am not sure what to do about the May 1st deadline. I was also considering UVM but I don’t think it’s a better option compared to the others…thanks :- )

What’s the monetary situation?

You have to assume a waitlist is a rejection. If you want to get on them and stay, fine. But eliminate them from our mind emotionally. You’re going to commit to a school by Saturday and you have to love it.

I’ll disagree UMASS is in the middle of nowhere because you have the 5 college consortium and Northampton not far away. Supposedly a lot goes on there.

But going back to your pros and cons - your pro of knowing people at UMASS is, to me a con because when you fall back on to friends rather than face discomfort, you set yourself back. Similarly, everyone at Trinity will be in the same boat.

It’s clear - short of there’s a monetary issue - you are passionate about Trinity, including your athletic career and not so much UMASS.

Good luck.

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