Trustee Weekend

<p>Did any Trustee Scholarship people get invited to the trustee weekend yet? It is by invitation only. I was wondering if they invite all trustee scholarship recipients o just some.</p>

<p>Haven't heard anything yet, but we live far away from Allegheny.</p>

<p>D is interested in this school for next year. What does the trustee weekend consist of? If you know!</p>

<p>The trustee weekend includes an optional overnight stay and evening entertainment on Friday. Saturday includes breakfast with the faculty, Student and alumni panel discussion, open house and campus tours. Just another way for the student to get to know the school a little better.</p>

<p>Not sure, but my daughter just called me to say she got her Allegheny acceptance (as a Trustee Scholar) in the mail this afternoon. She's so excited to have her first acceptance!</p>

<p>We drove through the snow storm from NJ to Meadville. It snowed during our entire visit there. However the school is terrific. We talked to many different students and professors. I think this is a special school with great academics. It is still on the top of my sons choices. We stayed at the Mayor Lords B & B.</p>

<p>Scoutmom9- if it isn't too much trouble can you complete a visit report? I am sure that it would be very helpful to folks looking at Allegheny.</p>

<p>I posted a visit report in August. I does not seem to let me update it or post a new one.</p>

<p>Oh thanks Scoutmom, didn't realize you had already posted one!</p>