Tufts Syndrome at UVA?

<p>I live in Fairfax county VA. So it is 'relatively' easier to get in compared to out-staters (I'm not saying it's easy). Anyways this person with a 1560 SAT and 3.8 UW GPA with a lot of AP courses was waitlisted at UVA. I think this is a result of Tufts Syndrome and am worried since I'll apply next year. How true is the Tufts syndrome at UVA?</p>

<p>There is much more to an application than GPA and an SAT1 score. While the later is very high, the former seems in line. It's quite possible the person just had other bad areas - any activities/signs of being "rounded", lack of any care on essays, poor recommendation, etc.</p>

<p>But last year a person with like 4.0 1500+ got accepted to UVA with virtually no ECs from VA</p>

<p>admissions is a crapshoot... maybe he knew someone from the inside?</p>

<p>In my opinion, UVa, being a state school, has the role of admitting the most academically qualified instate students. I realize that there are other factors going into the application, but it UVa should not be in the business of rejecting or waitlisting instate people with amazing stats. The kid with the 4.0 and 1500 is surely a great student, and what is UVa? A school.</p>

<p>As far as the kid who was waitlisted is concerned, maybe something in his recs or essays suggested that he had no interest in UVa or would be attending another school. What if he forgot to replace "Harvard" with "the University of Virginia"? Also, he may have just been a wretched person who wrote inspired awful recs, lol.</p>

<p>What is Tufts syndrome? and is it named after Tufts University? Can someone please give me some information because I might be going to Tufts. Thank you.</p>

<p>tufts syndrome is when non-ivy or non-upper-upper echelon schools reject students who seem over-qualified for that school since they probably wouldn't go there in order lower admission percentages and matriculation rates by only offering admission to students who would attend. It's like.. spite of the safety schools.</p>

<p>also, it's not necesarily true.
when filling out an application for a safety school that you're not really considering going to, sometimes that lack of interest shows through. sure, the stats and ec's will all shine, but the essays, etc, could give it away. who knows. hopefully you understand? </p>

<p>i guess it's attributed to tufts because tufts does have a lower admission rate than some schools its ranked near (wake forest, umich, carnegie mellon). not to say its the only school like that, but it does tends to have an "ivy-reject" reputation. one of my best friends is going there, so i'm no tufts-hater, just trying to be objective. it is a great school and very selective, and its namesake "syndrome" isn't anything to worry about. but to those who get rejected and accepted somewhere "better," perhaps its a little tooo selective.</p>

<p>I go to school in Washington, DC. A lot of students at my school applied to UVA this year, and most were waitlisted or rejected. Out of 12 students who applied from my school, 4 were offered admission. The first one was accepted with a 1530 SAT Score (Tip factor is that he is instate). The Second was accepted with a 1410 SAT Score (Tip factor is that he is instate). The Third was accepted with a 1290 SAT Score (Tip factor is urm status). The Fourth was accepted with a 1370 SAT Score (Tip factor is urm status, and instate). The other 8 students were waitlisted or rejected, and all of them, except one, live in Northern VA. Does UVA suffer from tuft's syndrome? One could say that it does, but as far as UVA goes, there was a Washington Post Article that mentioned that it was harder to get into UVA instate living in Northern VA as opposed to living in Southern VA. That can be a factor in admissions.</p>

<p>UVa tracks "grade inflation" at various institutions. HS programs are ranked too, aren't they? I also recall a UVa adcom member saying "we rejected over 300 4.0's last year..." in support of consideration to the overall app and not just stats. I'm sure to some it appears as "Tuft's Syndrome." IMO, it's a combination.</p>

<p>i had a 1420, but a 2.9 GPA with a big upward trend, im instate and waitlisted.</p>

<p>Wouldn't UVa consider the "overqualified" people for Echols, since they consider that program to be on-par with ivies...?</p>

<p>zante - exactly (at least in my opinion - i chose echol's over cornell, but sniff.. wanted pton). that's why supposedly echols goes to more RD kids to draw them away from ivies rather than ED kids which they know they've got anyway.</p>

<p>maybe the adcoms are really in tune with what type of person would pick uva/echols over another school, and turn the others away a la tufts. but i have a hard time seeing uva turn away an ivyleaguecaliber student unless they said "i'm not going to a public" on the application.</p>

<p>anyone have admit/matriculation/echols stats for uva/tufts?</p>

<p>whatever, it seems like mostly speculation to me</p>

<p>Sorry its sooo muchÂ… this is from the admitted students website at Tufts University.. Jus a bunch of random stats</p>

<p>Number of applications received for the Class of 2009: 15,525
Percent increase in applications since 1995: 82
Number of states represented in the applicant pool: 50
Number of states represented in the admitted class: 49
Number of high schools represented in applicant pool: 3,772
Largest number of applicants from a single high school: 74
Number of countries represented in the applicant pool: 105
Number of countries represented in the admitted class: 60
Number of applicants from the southern hemisphere: 86
Number of applicants for whom English is not the first language: 2,804</p>

<p>first names: 1,2,3
Rank of Lee, Kim and Smith as most popular applicant </p>

<p>last names: 1,2,3
Average rank in class of admitted students: top 6%
Percent of admitted students who rank in the top decile of their </p>

<p>graduating class: 85
Percent of valedictorians admitted: 61
Percent of applicants ranked in the top 3 of their class admitted: 57
Percent of applicants with a verbal score greater than or equal to 700 admitted: 52
Percent of applicants with math score greater than or equal to 700 </p>

<p>admitted: 45
Number of admitted students with SAT of 1600: 35
Percent of admitted students with verbal score greater than or equal to 65: 83
Percent of admitted students with math score greater than or equal to 65: 86
Cumulative SAT Math for applicants: 9,946,110
Most recent birth date among admitted students: 06/28/89
Percent of admitted students who attend a Public School: 59%
Percent of admitted students who attend a Private School: 36%
Percent of admitted students who attend a Religious School: 5%
Percent of admitted students who are Asian American: 17
Percent of admitted students who are African American: 6
Percent of admitted students who are Hispanic/Latino: 8
Percent of admitted students who say volunteering is their most important activity: 18
Percent increase from last year in the number of students applying from Kenya: 1100%
Number of applicants with e-mail addresses: 15,441 (99.6%)
Percent increase of applicants with e-mail addresses in the last</p>

<p>*Out of all the candidates who had applied 27% were admitted. Average SAT of 1428 for admitted candidates </p>

<p>The information by the * by it was obtained from <a href="http://www.tuftsdaily.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2005/04/15/425f55d1ccd87?in_archive=1%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.tuftsdaily.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2005/04/15/425f55d1ccd87?in_archive=1&lt;/a>
Hope that helps</p>

<p>wow thanks!</p>

<p>my favorite: Percent increase from last year in the number of students applying from Kenya: 1100%</p>

<p>yeah no problem kelly...</p>

<p>Thanks Kelly for the information. I have just recently decided to go to Tufts University! stats 1430 sat top 5% etc. Im so happy I finally decided. What about you guys. Where are you going?</p>

<p>i'm glad someone explained tufts syndrome. i was concerned that uva students were mysteriously growing patches of unsightly body hair.</p>

<p>oh noodleman, i forgot to mention that's an unfortunate side effect...</p>

<p>***edit - i meant raise matriculation rates in that first post, hope that didn't confuse anyone</p>

<p>I believe Tufts syndrome is just a rumour started by angry kids who were rejected. The reason Tufts has such a low acceptance rate is because 15,000 kids applied to a school where the class size is about 1,200.</p>