Tufts University Class fo 2023 RD

I know this is a bit early but I haven’t seen a discussion up for RD yet… good luck everyone!

Planning on doing RD because I was too scared to ED anywhere, but I did the fly in program here and loved it! just need to get the app in…

does anyone know what day the decisions are expected to come out? or does anyone know what day they came out in the past?

Last Year 3/29


I requested an interview back in December with I applied, but have not heard back. Has anyone else?

My son just got his interview email yesterday, and they are meeting later this week.

i just did my interview today and they emailed last week

does anyone know when regular decision results come out?

Does anyone else have a “Final Academic Report & Transcript (due 6/28/2019)” addition to their application checklist in their portal?
I don’t think it was there the last time I checked (although I dont really remember when that was haha)

@watermelon1919 I have the the final stuff too!!! Does that mean we got in???

@mgeek23 @watermelon1919 I have that too! I’m not sure what that means

Me too!

I have it also…

I have it as well! I wonder what it means ? Or if it means anything at all!

@littlefroggy @watermelon1919 @UGG2023 @NietzscheRules @mgeek23 I got accepted ED2 and I have the final transcript stuff on my portal if that indicates anything. Not much help but good luck!

@Probtufts2023 I don’t want to gets my hopes up…I was rejected from my ED1 and ED2 schools…would like to know if anyone does NOT have Awaiting Final Academic Report & Transcript (due 6/28/2019)

It looks like most people have it?

i have the awaiting final academic report and trasncript as well does anyone know if it means anything

Everyone has it, correct?

I think it doesnt mean anything since people that havent turned in crucial stuff for their application have it too. Since they accepted most of their class it is more ideal for them to change everyone’s portal than just the people accepted