Tuition Exchange for Fall 2022 Freshman applicants (Class of 2026)

I tried. She had no interest in Ohio. It is a great school (especially for engineering if she decided to go down that road) and I think there is a good chance that the coach would have recruited her if she expressed interest. The struggle is real. Thank you for the recommendation!


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Well, my daughter just was admitted to Belmont University in Nashville and while no info on TE, she was awarded $10K Merit Aid (the highest amount of Merit they offer in a non-named scholarship). It was her 5th choice on her list of 7 and honestly, there is no way we would pay $43K a year out of pocket for her to go there.

Belmont says they don’t give TE information until the spring, so the chances of her attending there are slim to none.

She is waiting to hear from Susquehanna University, Early Decision, so even if she doesn’t get TE there, she is looking at $39K in Merit Aid a year, and she will commit to them, as she is being recruited for their track & field team.

It was still nice that she has another acceptance under her belt. She feels validated that her hard work is paying off! Plus, one of her teachers has his students write their college acceptances on the dry erase board at the front of the class, and she is dying to add another to the list!

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So glad to find this thread!

Discotish - Our home institution is Belmont (husband is a professor). Congrats on your daughter’s acceptance! I just attended Belmont’s TE presentation this morning and can confirm that they don’t decide on TE until the spring.

As for our story… Daughter is wanting a northeast or DC school. Unsure of major, but likely Polticial Science or something in the Humanities. She wants to participate in music and theater but not as a major. She has a huge list of small liberal arts colleges and a few Ivies, and 2 DC schools (Georgetown and American). We think she is a pretty competitive applicant - 4.0 UW/4.7 W GPA, Full IB Diploma student taking more than required # of classes. 5s on 3 AP tests she’s taken. 1480 SAT (waiting for results on Oct test - she thinks she might have broken 1500), National Merit Commended Scholar, Senior Class President (class of 500+), Model UN and Youth in Government participant and officer with multiple state level positions, active in local politics and Pres. of Young Democrats, Officer in numerous Honor Societies, Music and Theater experience (including lead roles in community theater Musicals and All-State Choir,). The only TE schools on her list right now are Sarah Lawrence and American. I just got off the phone with Sarah Lawrence and was told they give 1-3 awards and last year had 100 applicants. At American they gave TE to 7% of the applicants. We are chasing merit and financial aid (we qualify but EFC is unrealistic).

Non-TE schools on her list: Amherst, Swarthmore, Vassar, Wesleyan, Bryn Mawr, Barnard, Yale (applying REA), Brown. There are a lot of reaches here and not many safe schools, especially in this climate. Any suggestions for other schools in the northeast that give more TE scholarships? Was just looking at Drew.

If you go to the TE website you should be able to see which schools still had open spots this spring for fall 2021 start.

My s23 is very unlikely to get TE unless he chooses a “less desirable” school. He’s a 3.4 possible music ed major who may also be interested in finance or something quirky. He doesn’t want healthcare, engineering, or business at this time.

ETA: list from TE openings from May 2021 (and beyond)
University of Saint Joseph
Oglethorpe University
Lincoln College
Saint Xavier University
University of St. Francis - IL
Illinois Institute of Technology
Rockford University
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
University of Detroit Mercy - FACHEX ONLY
Logan University
St. Louis University
Mississippi College
Pfeiffer Univeristy
Campbell University
University of Jamestown
Five Towns College
Mount Saint Mary College - NY
Alfred University
Ohio Christian University
The College of Wooster
Wilmington College
Bushnell University
Ursinus College
Wilson College
Mercyhurst University
Salve Regina University
Southern Wesleyan University
Johnson University
Bethany College
Schools added 5.5.2021
Bethany College
Louisiana Tech University
Regis College
Cazenovia College
Schools added 5.6.2021
College of Idaho
College of Saint Mary - Nebraska
Schools added 5.12.2021
Spring Hill College
University of Evansville
Newman University - KS
Southwestern College - KS
Aquinas College
Rockhurst University
Bloomfield College
Ohio Dominican University
York College of Pennsylvania
St. Mary’s University - TX
Bridgewater College
Schools added 5.13.2021
Monmouth College - IL
Valparaiso University
Albion College
Elmira College
St. Edwards University
Schools added 5.14.2021
Chestnut Hill College
Lawrence Universtiy
Washington & Jefferson College
Schools added 5.20.2021
The University of Lynchburg
Schools added 5.24.2021
Culver Stockton
Knox College
Schools added 6-4-2021
Holy Family University

I’m surprised how long this list is. There are some good schools on this list–Ursinus, Washington and Jefferson, and Albion are nationally ranked.

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Covid has really changed things for sure. I’m not counting on this list staying long. But it did put some different schools on my radar.


Thanks for the congrats on my DD’s acceptance to Belmont. She was actually accepted Early Decision at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania and given a $39k a year merit scholarship, so even if TE Doesn’t come through, she has decided that is where she wants to go so she declined declined the acceptance at Belmont and pulled her applications from the other schools.

Susquahanna University starts announcing the 1st round round of tuition exchange recipients in mid December, so we are hoping and keeping our fingers crossed for a nice early Christmas gift. :grinning:


That’s wonderful! Congratulations! I’m having huge pangs of jealousy as I fear we won’t know where DD is landing until April or May.

If she’s interested in applying to Amherst and Bryn Mawr, then going for TE at Mt. Holyoke would seem to make sense. Skidmore and Conn College too. I understand that Skidmore doesn’t give very many TE awards, but with those stats and ECs, your daughter seems like a terrific candidate to get one of them. Clark might make a nice safety too.

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Thank you for those great suggestions! I don’t know how I’d forgotten about Mt. Holyoke. We’ll look more closely at Skidmore and Clark, too.

This is very helpful thanks.

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@MrsNotes My daughter is a freshman at Skidmore (and got TE!) and I actually went to Clark many moons ago! My daughter applied to Mt Holyoke too (first was waitlisted for TE but then was given it, but ultimately decided on Skidmore). If you have any questions about these schools or our TE experiences, happy to answer them!