tuition for 2010-2011?

<p>When will we find out the tuition for next year?</p>

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<p>With the highest total in-state cost of attendance among Virginia’s public institutions, the College of William and Mary continues to remain silent about next year’s tuition. Announcements are expected in time for the Board of Visitors meeting scheduled for May 15, but not in time for the May 1st deadline by which admitted students must commit to attend.</p>

<p>my guess is something like a 5% increase.</p>

<p>but I have no info</p>

<p>I think it may be more in the range of a 10% hike based on a quote in the Richmond paper this morning.....of course that is better than what the kids/parents at VCU are going to face with their 24% increase :( </p>

<p>"The percentage increase is more than double, and in some cases triple, what other boards in Virginia have approved so far to make up for ongoing reductions in state support. Virginia Tech last week approved a nearly 10 percent increase, and the University of Virginia will consider a similar rate increase today."</p>

<p>VCU</a> raises tuition by 24 percent | Richmond Times-Dispatch</p>

<p>My money is on another increase that flirts with 10% but falls just short, like they've done in previous years. Good old marketing ploys... a single-digit number is easier on the ears. But I bet it'll be something like 9.8%.</p>

<p>I wonder when they are going to let us know!</p>

<p>Students should be notified of 2010-2011 tuition the week of May 17. An increase between 8-10% is expected.</p>

<p>Looks like an increase of 9.8% for IS and 8% for OOS.</p>

<p>Tuition/R and B/Fees In state= $20,872
" " " Out of state= $ 33,764</p>

<p>W&M</a>, St Andrews to offer joint degree | Richmond Times-Dispatch</p>

<p>The above article also talks about a new dual degree partnership with St. Andrews in Scotland. Pretty interesting stuff.</p>

<p>W&M has updated its website....</p>

<p>William</a> & Mary - Tuition & Fees</p>

<p>GSharpM7, Thanks for the link with all of the breakdowns. One thing...$1375 per semester for books, travel and incidentals? I am going to try to focus on the cheaper estimate from the Richmond paper --Here's hoping that someday my d doesn't require a ton of incidentals :)
Still a bargain for a great education for an in stater I think.</p>

<p>I am just thrilled it costing less then his boarding school for an oos student!</p>

<p>President Taylor Reveley (whose contract has been renewed - excellent news!) sent an email to parents explaining the tuition hike. Considering the squeeze the College is in, I don't know what else could have been done. The increase is unquestionably necessary to pay for the operation and maintenance of the long-planned new buildings (since VA doesn't pay for this), a state-mandated bonus for employees whose salaries have been frozen since 2007, and increased financial aid. W & M is a public college, but by 2012 it will be providing less than 13 percent of the College's annual budget.</p>

<p>Posting excerpts from Reveley's letter:
Since 2008, the state’s base funding for William & Mary has been cut four times, resulting in a 32% reduction in state support for our operating budget in just two years. Over the last generation, state support for our operating budget has declined from over 43% to less than 13% by Fiscal Year 2012, when the full force of state cuts will be felt. </p>

<p>..... We have cut operating and maintenance budgets across the university, eliminated positions, restricted hiring, and frozen salaries since November 2007. </p>

<pre><code>..... tuition and mandatory fees will increase $1,088, or 9.8%, for in-state undergraduates, and $2,500, or 8%, for out-of-state undergraduates. Graduate and professional students will see similar increases.

These tuition increases will address pressing needs. It is crucial that a William & Mary education remain affordable for families with modest financial resources. Thus, we will use part of the new tuition to increase our need-based financial aid for students. Student financial aid at William & Mary has increased by 81% since Fiscal Year 2008. Because the Commonwealth no longer provides support for the operation and maintenance of new academic facilities, another part of the tuition increase will go to fund the operating and maintenance costs of new facilities when they come on line during 2010/11, including a major building for the School of Education, the Sherman and Gloria Cohen Career Center, and the newly renovated and expanded Small Hall (the home of Physics). The rest of the new revenue will address increases in health insurance and critical staffing needs, including those devoted to raising private funds, information technology, financial reporting, emergency management, and career counseling. The state has also required its colleges and universities to create a fund to help pay a 3% bonus for employees whose pay has been frozen for the last three years....

..... The new reality is that William & Mary’s operating costs are paid by a public/private partnership in which the primary responsibility to fund the university now falls on the private side of the equation.



W & M is a public college, but by 2012 it will be providing less than 13 percent of the College's annual budget.

Too late to edit, but for clarity's sake, I meant that Virginia will be providing less than 13 percent of the College's annual budget by 2012. Sorry!</p>

<p>VA just keeps cutting and cutting... it's terrible. I'm glad they raised IS a higher percentage, but they might need to increase that in the future. Maybe that would cause pressure to be put on the state government if their constituents see tuition rising and rising.</p>

VA just keeps cutting and cutting... it's terrible.


Yay balanced budget amendments and tiny tiny rainy day funds! Lets act in a procyclical manner and hope that the recession goes away - great idea! And I like how the state legislature wants the college to enroll more students but doesn't give support for more dorms...</p>

<p>Saw this in the paper this am. Thought it was worth sharing.</p>

<p>Virginia</a> students facing more tuition increases | Richmond Times-Dispatch</p>