Tuition Insurance Can Cover Students Who Get Sick. Do You Really Need It?

"You can add coronavirus to the list of anxieties facing students heading off to colleges and universities around the nation in the coming days.

Many campuses will start online-only or stay virtual the entire semester. But students are still at risk of catching COVID-19 in other places. If they do get sick, they may miss a lot of class – and be unable to finish their classes.

That’s where tuition insurance can help. Many insurance companies and even some universities offer tuition coverage, which can pay for some or all expenses if a student is forced to withdraw for health reasons." …

Thanks for sharing this. A friend of mine sent me this news clip from the Cleveland area.

What I don’t understand is how is it possible that schools are not required to disclose their refund policies to students?

Some parents are turning to tuition insurance to protect their college investment from Covid-19