Tulane 2025- financial aid?

Hi everyone!

I was accepted to Tulane EA but wasn’t offered merit aid. I applied to the DHS scholarship along with Paul Tulane and the community service partial scholarship. Unfortunately, I cannot attend Tulane without scholarships. I wanted to ask the likelihood that I will be given a large financial aid package. I am a pell grant eligible student and my large family makes less than 100k a year.

If anyone knows anything about Tulane’s financial aid please let me know. Thanks!

Have you run the NPC (Net Price Calculator) on the website? If you enter your numbers correctly, it should give you a pretty close estimate.

I have, there was an estimated 63k that I would get in scholarship/grants from Tulane but I am unsure if any or all of that is financial aid or merit aid.

Our daughter got into Tulane ED, and we finally got our financial award letter last Friday. It was shockingly low, with less than $10k in grants including Pell Grant, and our EFC is 0. She also got into another university in CA (EA) and their financial aid is extremely generous, with $38K in grants. We are puzzled by the huge difference and have emailed the Tulane financial aid counselor assigned to our family on Monday, but have yet to hear back from her even though we are supposed to make our deposit in 2 days since daughter is an ED admit.

Does anyone know if this is normal with Tulane? My son applied last year and almost every single university he got into was generous with their aid, and when you call the office folks were super helpful and responsive (even during Covid). We are feeling a bit hesitant having our daughter go to Tulane. So far, the communication with Tulane’s financial aid office has been underwhelming to say the least, and their ED policy had always made me uncomfortable. Daughter REALLY wants to go, but I feel very ambivalent…

My daughter was accepted EA and got her award this week. It came out $2,500 better than the NPC ($2,500 more in scholarships). What did the NPC say for your daughter?

If your EFC is 0 and you got only 10k or so in aid, then there might be an error. It happens. I’d call a few different numbers until you get someone on the actual phone instead of voice mail.

Did your daughter get that amount in financial aid or merit aid? I wasn’t aware that financial aid packets were coming out already.

She got a merit award with her decision, and then her full financial aid package came this week which included federal loans and an additional amount labeled “Tulane Scholarships” which I am assuming are need based aid, but it doesn’t say that specifically.

The amount of gift aid (so everything exclusive of loans) was $2,500 more aid than the NPC we did before applying.

Can I ask where you saw that? I haven’t gotten any updates on my Gibson portal.

My daughter got an email to check Gibson portal. If I look on the “Overview” tab, the full financial aid is there. Merit award, followed by Tulane Scholarship, and then federal loans (subsidized and unsubsidized)

I don’t see anything on mine, I suppose it’ll take longer since I received my acceptance the beginning of January. I’ll keep an eye out for it. Thanks!

Got my financial aid package too!

Has anyone received their financial aid package this week? I’ve been checking, but nothing yet.

I haven’t received mine yet either.

Do you know if you had to turn in tax forms before hand? Do the tax forms have to be signed? I have turned in both my fafsa and css profile but im not sure if anything else is needed.

Yes. Tulane required us to upload both parents’ and student’s W-2’s and Tax Returns (2019). It should all be in the Gibson Portal under Financial Aid

Okay I see it now. Thanks so much!

@3kids2dogs - here is what I don’t understand… (btw disclaimer - LOVE Tulane, my sophomore son is very happy there):

If you are required to submit both FAFSA and CSS Profile, both of which are built off your tax returns, and both of which have been confirmed to have been received, why must the tax returns themselves be uploaded to their system as well? A) it is redundant, and B) I’m not comfortable throwing my personal information around the cyberworld any more than it already is or needs to be… I think what they should do is provide a number based on what they already have with a disclaimer that if they matriculate, they will need to verify before underwriting and disbursing said number.

My daughter hasn’t decided to commit yet (and can’t) unless/until we know what the confirmed total aid package is before we decide. When I asked if I could expect the same amount my son currently has, I was told “no” (?!?!?) - same family, same taxes, same institution, different student. I get that merit will necessarily be different, but need-based?

Am I missing something?

Also, i know its not the smallest school in the world, but I was told we had to upload each kids forms twice…once to each portal. Really? I guess I’m frustrated because I’m an operations consultant and see the obvious redundancy in this process…

Alas, we wait a bit more… ROLL WAVE!!

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Hopefully for you the need-based aid will be positively impacted by the fact that you will have two children in college at the same time. That should reduce your EFC.


Yes, fingers crossed! I’m also REALLY curious how Tulane will treat it versus how Michigan (or some other institution she has the opportunity to go) will treat it… I’d like to assume it’s somewhat formulaic, but have a sneaking suspicion it is not… This is why I’m so anxious to see and compare