Tulane Fall 2021 Transfer

Congrats!!! When did you apply? And how long did it take you to get everything submitted?

where did you see they approved it?

I just got a new update in my Green Wave Portal

All of my application materials were finished uploading by 2/22. Should I be concerned that I still haven’t heard back yet?

Mine were in by the 21st and I haven’t gotten anything either. Rlly sux cuz I need to know ASAP so I can make plans

Exactly! I know people who are looking for apartments and signing leases already and I want to know where I am going to be in the Fall so that I can find a place to live in time.

I was just admitted!
submitted my app 2/27 and finalized materials on 3/10

congrats! did you get a status update email or did you just randomly check your portal?

No email, I just checked the portal

Hi! I submitted my regular decision transfer app last week and was just wondering how long it took everyone to hear back?

Hey guys! I was just accepted to Tulane today (4/15) and I submitted and finalized my application on 3/22.

Anybody know the best places to live off campus?

Are we required to live on campus next year? How does it work for transfers

I don’t think we’re required to live on campus. I’m pretty sure transfers get last pick with on campus housing and sometimes they can’t guarantee that there’s on campus housing left.

ugh that’s so annoying. I applied to UM as well and it’s the same thing there.

yeah other schools I applied to are the same way too. I’d rather live close to campus in a nice place than having last pick for a dorm. I Just don’t know the are around Tulane to well.

Hey all! I’ve recently been accepted to Tulane as a transfer. I was wondering if any other accepted students received their credit evaluation where a majority of courses required a “course syllabus and weekly assignment schedule.” I only submitted the syllabus for each and thought the “weekly assignment schedule” was a bit overkill. Anyone else just submit the syllabus and receive credit?

I haven’t received my evaluation back yet but I also received the syllabus + weekly assignments. For most of them I sent the syllabus and then the breakdown of each week’s topics and the name of each assignment due that my profs put at the end of the syllabus (i uploaded them as separate docs) but didnt actually send like the details of each assignment

If you join the Tulane off campus housing Facebook page, there are a bunch of listings for rent.

Do you guys think getting on campus housing will be hard for us incoming junior transfers?