Tulsa for arts and humanities?

Can anyone comment on the quality of education in this area? My D is looking for a LAC with D1 athletics so she can continue with marching band. She prefers to stay in the south. I’m intrigued by Tulsa, but most of the comments here are from students interested in STEM or petroleum engineering. She has NO IDEA what she wants to study, but has mentioned psychology, Spanish, sociology, and music. She has also mentioned biology and public health (I know they don’t have PH). Would Tulsa give her the chance to explore these areas and offer a strong degree in any or all of these majors? Her first choice school is Tulane, but I’m working on helping her find some secondary options if she is denied.

I have a S17 that currently goes to TU and a S19 that is seriously considering it. S17 is in ME and S19 will likely go STEM. However, S19 is also interested in psychology, so we have looked into that. I think TU is considered to be pretty strong in Psychology and they now have a neuroscience minor as well with connections to a high class brain research facility (LIBR). TU has a pretty well known nursing program (locally at least), so I would guess public health might be something they offer. Their new Music facility is top notch. TU is pretty strong in many STEM fields, but I’m pretty sure it is known more as a Liberal Arts University. I think it would make sense to at least put it on your list to visit. I think it could easily become you D’s first choice. BTW, as a disclaimer, I have an BS in ME from TU and my wife has an English/Education BA and she was in the marching band. We loved TU and my S17 is loving it!

I guess this forum isn’t very active! Thank you for your comments. Interesting that it’s known more for liberal arts, based on what I’m reading here. I guess if she gets in, we will visit. If I’m interpreting correctly, there appears to be a major bump for EA candidates. Both Tulsa and Tulane are a bit of a stretch so she’ll need all the help she can get. ?

Local reputation: good school for kids who are really really smart (got merit scholarships) and/or relatively wealthy (need based aid is weak) who don’t want to go to OU or OSU.

My kid’s impression: a little too pre-professional.

IPEDS breakdown of majors: of 752 bachelor’s degrees granted, 217 (29%) were in engineering and related fields, 183 (24%) in business, 78 (10%) in health professions and exercise science. That leaves 274 (36%) for the traditional liberal arts fields.

Parent opinion: Psychology is one of the largest departments, with 32 majors; TU has doctoral programs in Clinical and I/O Psych, which has advantages - but those are very practical, applied specialties. The music program is very strong and the music faculty are great.

Thank you Ally. Your breakdown does make it sound rather professionally oriented. The music sounds terrific and I’m pleased to hear that from everyone. I think ultimately we will need to visit.

You should visit. I know some graduates who are still passionate TU supporters!

So decisions come out tomorrow?

I got in! Still waiting for scholarships though…Stats: Top 10%, 32 ACT (33 Superscore)

Congrats, @snatchedsister !

My son goes to TU and it has been a time of tremendous personal and academic growth. He has friends from all over the world! What are you planning to major in?

I think your daughter will find TU to be solid in all majors. One of the main advantages to TU is the personal relationships with professors, who can help students find their strengths and interests. My son has found that there is a strong intent to connect each student to a path to a job at graduation. This effort is extremely successful. As a senior at TU, my son and most of his friends had jobs lined up before Christmas break.

This is not the norm for my friends whose students (also seniors) who are graduating from other universities.

From what I am hearing, there is record interest in TU this year - more students visiting campus and attending regional open houses, etc.

Wow that is impressive. I went to a VERY highly regarded SLAC in the Midwest and had no such thing. At graduation it was like goodbye, and good luck!!

Congrats to all who got acceptances!

Yes, that is exactly what I have seen elsewhere. Goodbye and good luck. And then I have also seen fishy stats claiming 95% have jobs - well, yes, technically, but a lot of the students I knew were in food service,etc. NOT in their majors.

I am planning to major in biological sciences