<p>I keep searching for info about this. I know I read somewhere that SuNY at Buffalo has underground tunnels. Can someone share more information on this. WHich campus are they located on. What buildings do they connect etc. Or am I just imagining this.</p>

<p>Second question. My son is going to be an architecture major. SO I'm guessing that his wisest choice for housing would be the South Campus. I'm also guessing that any of his out of department requirements (math, science, history, english etc) would have classes on the other campus. Is this correct? How much of a pain is it going from one campus to another. Or do most of you arrange your schedules to stay at one campus MWF and the other TTH??</p>

<p>From our visit, I recall that the buildings along the main "academic spine" on the North Campus are connected but not exactly tunnels. Our tour guide pointed out that there is only one true tunnel -- that is, a walkway that's underground -- but it is very possible to walk through most of the buildings without going outside at all. I think on our tour we only had to go outside the main cluster of buildings to get to the arts complex.</p>

<p>We did not actually tour South Campus, but we have heard from most sources that the bus service between the two campuses is very convenient, and that even kids with most classes on North campus often live on South. So it may be a matter of which living situation you prefer. </p>

<p>Have you visited?</p>

<p>We didn't visit yet. Last summer when we did our tours we went south. Bufallo wasn't one of his first choice schools (basically because of the weather), but as the financial aid packages start coming in from his other schools it looks very much like he's going to need some heavy coats, gloves and hats instead of a new summer wardrobe....</p>

<p>Most buildings on the North Campus spine (with the exception of Ketter, Jarvis, the CFA, Slee, and Alumni Arena) are connected by a bridge, tunnel, or indoor walkway. South Campus does not have any connecting walkways that open for use by non-Facilities Department personnel. Since your son is planning on studying Architecture, all except 2 of his required courses for his intended major are held on South Campus. Most courses that are offered as general education requirements are held on North campus. However, most architecture majors live on South Campus. It is no big deal to get from South to North every day, or even multiple times per day. It is just a 15-minute bus ride. Just be sure to tell your son that if he wants to do classes on both campuses on any given day, to schedule them at least 1 hour apart to allow for travel.</p>

<p>North is mostly tunnled.</p>

<p>South is to but the tunnels are all closed.</p>

<p>I've heard there is a tunnel in the north campus that runs to the physic center, that's probably what your thinking of. All the buildings share steam, backup power and communication lines.</p>

<p>all the buildings in north campus are connected except for the dorms, the alumni arena and the CFA as far as i know</p>

       I went to UB in 83-85. While in theory (tunnels) @ the Amherst campus there are ways to go from one area to another  along publicly used areas, I think that was the Ellicott complex, all red brick and look sort of futuristic.Much of it was below ground level. I hated using my food card there as it had a "value" per meal as opposed to Main St., where it was all you wanna eat. Looking back I sort of miss those times. 
         Anyway, I lived @ Pritchard Hall,Main St. and there was a door in the basement. I was just talking about this to my g/f as we were watching "money train" and the tunnels in NYC. The basement being below ground level had a door that was rumored to go to these tunnels. Myself and a couple of others went for a walk in the wee hours. There was lightbulb about every 50' ish and we kept walking and walking. We finally came upon a sign that had a hall name & I realized we were all the way across campus. This was a  "maintenance man"  tunnel big enough for a couple of shopping carts, apparently for use in late hours or when snow (often ) built up.  It's a good thing we didn't get locked in during our outing.  I found this site when I searched " tunnels in university of Buffalo."  Was anyone there during 83-85???  porkpiemusic.com