Turo for car rental?

We will be doing a fair amount of driving, but you’re right that’s probably still significantly cheaper. Interesting idea, if not an embarrassing one for her. Ha.

Edited to add: actually they seat 3 people at most, it looks like, so it’s not viable for a family of four.

Car rentals right now are really expensive, especially for minivans and SUVs, because the bankrupt or on-the-edge car companies unloaded cars during the pandemic, sometimes under bankruptcy court mandate, and now, everyone wants to travel!

That being said, Turo is going to be a lot like Airbnb in terms of reliability. If you choose someone with great reviews, that should give you confidence. A lot of people will bring you the car at the airport (for a price, of course). If you can reserve a big vehicle (minivan or SUV) this way, for a lot cheaper, I would. But I would also make a refundable backup standard reservation, just in case they cancel or don’t show.

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Also may have better luck at an off airport car rental location. I’ve done that before. A bit of a hassle but may be worth the lower price.

My youngest rented thru Turo shortly after her 18th birthday. It was fine.

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I’ve checked Turo several times both recently and in the past. Never found the prices less than traditional car rentals (through Costco). Two days ago, I found a few that at first glance appeared less ($45 per day instead of $55), but once tax and fees were added, were more than the total Costco amount, and for older cars.

I’m not looking at anything over $18 a day. Total for my trip was $1500 on budget, $900 through a discount with mr bank, and $800 through a code I was ordered. Total on Turo for a 2019 car was $325. There are huge differences there for us. Maybe not as obvious on higher end cars? I’m not sure.

I’d love to find anything under $30 per day for our dates! We usually get compact, and definitely not luxury cars. But Kayak, and Turo were even more than the Costco price. We’re not leaving from an airport either. Sounds like you’re getting a great deal!

Rental cars in Hawaii are really tough right now. There is a pent up demand of travel to Hawaii and the islands are getting really crowded with hardly any rental car inventory available. Someone who is traveling to meet us in Hilo could not even find one car available on the whole island three months in advance. So, I rented them a Turo at about $50/day and we will see how that goes.

I needed a 7 person van for 1 day on Oahu and searched. Everything sold out at car rental companies. One showed up for $10,000/day Unbelievable!

We are paying $400 a day for an SUV! We are flying down, and picking up everything she needs by her college, and there will be 4 of us. We are staying at a hotel 2 nights, the college has a parent orientation the night of move in. We arrive on a Monday, will pick up stuff then, move her in Tuesday morning, and leave her at her dorm. I have never been on campus so want to check it out. Orientation that night and we fly out the next morning. All of our other kids were within a 2 hour drive, they didn’t even want lunch after unpacking.