Two questions about SAT Subject Tests

<p>I have two questions regarding SAT Subject Tests, any help would be great,</p>

<p>1) How do I find out centers where I can give SAT near my home? I have searched a lot on Google but can not find. I am surprised they are not listed on CollegeBoard's official website.</p>

<p>2) Is there any place where I can find SAT questions from previous papers? I don't mean sample papers but actual questions from previous SAT subject tests?</p>


<p>1) When you DO actually register for the SAT from CollegeBoard's website, it will automatically find the centers closest to your house, and if they are not available due to some reason, it will suggest alternatives or let you pick a center.</p>

<p>2) Subject Tests? Your best bet is: <a href=""&gt;;/a> . Nowhere else can you get actual papers from CollegeBoard.</p>

<p>Thanks for replying.</p>

<p>I am curious about the level of questions asked on Physics SAT. Just a general idea, because the sample questions on College Board's official site are way too easy. And I have seen practice tests from several books and each has a different idea of what type of questions show up. Can any one of you who has given a Physics SAT recently give me a general idea of the level of questions? Maybe even point me to some sample paper which closely resembles the level of an actual SAT exam?</p>