U Buffalo Class of 2025

Seems late, but starting an admissions / discussion thread for UB.
Applied 11/4
Accepted 11/19
School of Public Health
1270 SAT, 4.0 wGPA
First acceptance. Was very exciting to receive congratulations message. Link showing there was a status update came via email.
No word on financials yet.

congrats! I also just got in for ea.
Applied 11/30, accepted 12/9
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
1530 SAT, 3.3 unweighted
I applied for honors but they didnt say anything yet… no word on financials either

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That’s great! Congratulations. I’ll let you know when we hear anything about financials.

I spoke with the admissions office today and was told that to receive your merit aid information you need to accept their offer first. Strange, because other schools appear to be providing the aid information before you have to accept. But I guess “accepting” and “enrolling” are different steps at UB?

I got a separate email from UB saying that I got waitlisted for the honors program, so I guess that’s how you find out about the honors program.


Applied 10/31
Accepted 11/13
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
1480 SAT

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My son received his acceptance right before Thanksgiving and his acceptance into the Honors College was included in the letter. Good luck to those still waiting!

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Daughter was also accepted to Honors College & Jacob’s School of medicine & biological sciences before Thanksgiving. Good Luck everyone, hopefully they start releasing decisions soon. We are still waiting to hear from Bing, SB, Geneseo & Oswego.

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Does anyone know when we will receive financial aid package?

Just got ours in the mail yesterday

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We were told early March. My daughter stalks the mailman daily :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: Literally watched him today while yelling ‘big envelope big envelope’ from the window :joy:

I got accepted into the school of architecture and was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way that I could transfer into the school of engineering?