U.Mich, life of an engineering student?

<p>I've heard that some of the engineering students are isolated or like to keep to themselves(spending a lot of time in the North campus library?) can anyone attest to this.
Also, is Umich regarded as a second tier school or comparable to the likes of Tufts, Northwester, Notre Dame etc. how good is the umich reputation really? How are job outlooks for engineers from umich?</p>

<p>“Also, is Umich regarded as a second tier school or comparable to the likes of Tufts, Northwester, Notre Dame etc.”</p>

<p>Michigan is one of the few schools listed in the CC top universities section. It is not second tier. Furthermore it is ranked higher than the three schools you mentioned by USNWR for engineering , although Northwestern is definitely a peer.</p>

<p>Here at michigan, the engineers do not bathe, don’t speak to anyone, and can be found living in the duderstadt library. If you decide to pursue engineering at michigan, you probably will never sleep in your dorm, only the library.</p>

<p>Engineers certainly have “a life”, but they definitely have more work than the average LSA or Ross student. It obviously depends on how comfortable students are with Mathematics and Physics. Students who aced AP Calculus BC and AP Physics in high school will probably not struggle too much with Engineering as long as they are organized. I had several friends who studied no more than the typical Economics major and maintained 3.5+ GPAs. I had other friends who in Engineering who studied much harder and barely maintained 3.0 GPAs. You know yourself and should know where you fit in.</p>

<p>Job outlook for Michigan Engineers is excellent. Virtually all Fortune 500 companies, many top Consulting Firms and serveral BB IBanks recruit at the CoE. Maintaining a competitive GPA is a challenge though. What good is having those companies recruit on campus if they require a minimum GPA of 3.3 and only the top 33% have such elevated GPAs?</p>

<p>As for Michigan reputation, it depends whom you ask. Among students who post on CC, Michigan is not as prestigious as Northwestern but it is roughly as prestigious as Tufts and Vanderbilt. Among adults, Michigan is about as prestigious as Northwestern and probably a little more prestigious than Tufts and Vanderbilt. In academic circles, again, Michigan and Northwestern are peers and both are slightly more prestigious than Tufts and Vanderbilt. Same goes for corporate recruiters. When it comes to prestige among Engineers, Michigan is actually slightly more highly regarded than Northwestern and significantly more prestigious than Tufts and Vandebilt.</p>

<p>I’ve always wondered: Michigan, although not ranked as high as Princeton and the likes overall, is higher ranked than most of those top schools in engineering. Will this mean that companies will be more inclined to hire an engineering major from Michigan over an engineering major from Princeton (or schools similar to Princeton)?</p>

<p>Princeton is not really weaker than Michigan in Engineering. However, I think recruiters looking for Engineers specifically prefer Michigan because of two reasons:</p>

<p>1) A large chunk of Princeton Engineers are probably not as keen on careers in Engineering</p>

<p>2) Michigan has far more Engineering students to choose from (a graduating class of roughly 1,000 Engineers vs Princeton’s ~200 or so)</p>

<p>@Alexandre: What makes you think that Princeton engineers are probably not as keen on pursuing engineering careers?</p>

<p>Mickjagger, I am not sure. It is just an observation.</p>

<p>I just finished my first semester at U of M, but I maintained a good GPA, had plenty of free time and lots of friends from both LSA and Engineering.</p>

<p>I also know engineers who study all the time/go home every weekend to study, but they’re perfectly happy too…</p>

<p>Alexandre, how did you come to be a super moderator!</p>

<p>yosup, Are you up on North Campus and, if so, how do you like living up there compared to other areas?</p>

<p>^Nope sorry I live in Markley. I can’t imagine it being too bad up there though…if you’re an upperclassman, most if not all of your classes will be up there anyways. If you’re a freshman, it would kinda suck having to ride the bus to get to central for classes/socializing, but it can’t be much worse than the 10-15 min walk I make back and forth multiple times everyday from my room to my classes. And the walk isn’t bad at all.</p>

<p>“Alexandre, how did you come to be a super moderator!”</p>

<p>I have no idea Mickjagger. I think the folks in CC were really desperate at the time. They probably regret their decision now! ;)</p>

<p>Living on North is not bad at all. In fact I prefer it.</p>

<p>MLD and yosup, Do some freshmen have ANY classes on North? What if my S has tested out of some of his core req’s and these are the classes held on central?</p>

<p>he’ll have either engr 100 0r engr 101 on North, w/e he decides to take first. Everything else you’d take for prereqs would be on central.</p>

<p>Which classes did you son test out of?</p>

<p>Yeah, I was just concerned because engineering in general has a lack of girls as it is and being isolated from central campus wouldn’t help. Also, i hear since Umich has international students, its difficult to compete with them, especially in the engineering department, is that true? Also, being an OOS, i’m not sure ill have the dough to go to grad school, do most umich engineers go to grad school?</p>

<p>Michigan seems to attract the richest international students, not the best international students. This is not true in every case, and there definitely top international students here, but not every one of them is some amazing genius spending 80 hours a week in the library. Don’t worry about that.</p>

<p>Internation students are very smart, but most of your classmates are domestic, so intl students are quite statistically insignicant.</p>

<p>It would be interesting to see the avg international student gpa at COE though.</p>