U-Michigan alumni pls

I am interested in University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Engineering and I would like to know more about it than the site offers. I live in California and it is unlikely that I will travel to Michigan soon.

Can you tell me about how the teachers choose to teach, like lectures, homework, classwork, group work, specific class sizes and just about the academic program in general. Do they just lecture a lot in class and expect you to fill in the gaps by studying outside of class for the test or do they do group work and classwork in class and give homework.

Thank you

First, I’d post this on the U of M forum here: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/university-michigan-ann-arbor/

Second, it’s going to vary wildly from prof to prof. Most lower level courses tend to be large lectures and it gets more into small seminars as you progress.