U. New Hampshire Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for U. New Hampshire Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

RD Application Deadline is: February 1


Has anyone received notification yet? Waiting. Sent application in early January. Thank you!

S23 submitted application in November for regular decision. He received an acceptance last week.
In State, GPA 3.4/SAT 1410, SCUBA diver & Black Belt.


We are waiting on a decision too. Daughter got deferred to RD because they wanted to see senior grades - which were straight A’s thank goodness.

She’s heard from most of her schools except one of her top choices and a couple of small schools we wanted her to apply to as options.

Can’t wait for closure in this process!

(Does anyone know when admitted students events are? We are West Coasters and visiting again in Early April). I will go dig through the website but sometimes that info is only avail to admitted students.

The first admitted student day is on March 25th…there are a few different events days, each based on specific major & associated college.
Here is a link:

We are OOS and just sent in our deposit. We will be there on March 25th for the College of Health & Human Services day.
Good luck!


Ah thank you so much! It would be April 15 for D23 if she gets accepted and enough OOS merit. It’s a very popular day for Admitted student events - so close to the May 1 deadline though Eek! Thank goodness she’s already visited once!

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DD submitted her application early January and is still waiting. We are OOS also, I’m hoping that the decisions are sent in the next couple of weeks!

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these insta posts of “your in” Is starting to confuse me! I keep thinking maybe more decisions came out. I was told some decisions would be coming out this week

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Gosh I hope what you heard was right!

it doesn’t seem like i am. I commented on UNH admissions last week and said that more decisions would be out this past week. I heard nothing. I commented again and they said that this coming week more will come out

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We got a decision today, so another wave must have come out. DD was accepted into Liberal Arts with a Director’s scholarship. She’s excited to visit campus, I feel like it would be a great fit.


Happy to help answer any questions about UNH. Alumni and D21 is in engineering. She has had a great experience so far. Good luck to those waiting on RDs.

Here is the link to the Facebook Group for UNH Parents unh parents | Facebook

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Anyone getting responses from UNH? Seems like a really late release vs other schools.

Curious if son is headed towards a waitlist situation. His numbers normally would have but him in an easy EA acceptance, now hes nervous even for RD.

They have been doing it in waves. Have him login and check his portal for any status updates. It sounds like things were posting there before any emails or snail mail of any kind. Good luck.