U of A vs SMU

I’m from California and I recently got accepted to SMU in Dallas, Texas and although I didn’t get into the Cox school, I’m nervous about the stereotypes surrounding Greek life, and I’ve never been, I could see myself going to school there even though I don’t know what my major is going to be now. On the other hand, I was accepted into U of A, as well as into the Eller school for prebusiness, and offered a spot in Eller ELITE. I’m also quite familiar with the school considering some family have attended the school. Clearly, U of A seems like a better choice due to the set out plan I have compared to SMU where I’m not sure what to even major in, but I still feel like I might regret not choosing SMU because of its location and the possible connections/internships compared to Arizona’s. Anyone have input that might help?

OP: I think that your assessment of your options is accurate.

If you are in the Honors College at the University of Arizona, I have read that the new facilities are incredible.

SMU does offer great opportunities with internships at major companies. Greek life is big on SMU’s campus.

Go to the school where you can major in your first choice area of study–which seems to be business.

Hey! This is so funny that this just popped up because right now I am literally deciding between SMU and U of A and I am very torn also. At SMU I was admitted for Spring with an intended double major in Film and Fashion. At U of A I was admitted for Fall with an intended major of Film and TV. I myself am not really leaning towards greek life at either school, which is what worries me about SMU because nearly every girl I know from the groupchats/facebook groups at SMU are going to be rushing. U of A still has a prominent greek scene but not nearly as big as SMU. I believe SMU was #22 for greek life and U of A was #41 for greek life. I am concerned about being a lower income student than the rest of the very wealthy students at SMU, whereas at U of A, there seems to be more of a mix of both upper and lower class. The business program is one of the best at SMU and even though you weren’t admitted to cox, you may be able to transfer into business and just go undecided to start. They are both amazing schools so I can relate !! You are not alone! I think at U of A you will definitely find a more diverse group of kids than SMU, U of A is also much bigger a school so it might be easier to find your niche. Whatever you decide, they are both amazing! Good luck!