U of AL Huntsville 2025 anyone?

My D21 is considering U of AL Huntsville among her top choices. We have not been able to visit and would like to hear anything others know about the school or if anyone else is considering or committed to Huntsville for Fall 2021. Pros/cons? It is checking a lot of D’s boxes and a good price after merit. She had a great experience with an advisor detailing what AP/DE credits would count at UAH and provided a 3 year plan. She is interested in Electrical Engineering. We are oos so we know getting there will not be as easy as some of her other choices—no direct flights. She would eventually like to live in FL and has been accepted to honors at UAH, U of SC and UCF and waiting to here from FSU. Would a degree from Huntsville be just as useful in finding employment in FL or other places in the US? I don’t think I would know about UAH if it weren’t for this website.


Have you read some of the other threads? I wrote extensively in the Chemistry one.
My kid is a second year student (junior by credits) in the Honors college.
On campus housing is guaranteed first year but not guaranteed after that, so make sure you are aware of that.
Mine strongly considered UCF but thought the smaller campus community would be better for her personality. Life is not all roses as there are a handful of bad professors and communication problems here & there. Nothing that can’t be found at any university, but certainly things to be aware of.
Jobs are more plentiful regionally. I cannot speak to finding jobs in Florida after attending UAH. I did hear of someone getting an internship job after a chance meeting on campus & a connection on Linked In. Engineers & Comp Sci are the hot majors for sure.


Thank you! I have read so many posts but like to get fresh input and wondering if anyone also considering or committed to Huntsville. So good to hear that things are going well for your D. It feels strange to make a decision sight unseen. We were supposed to visit late March 2020…but then the pandemic situation happened. Any words of wisdom from you or D about engineering or the campus? Huntsville airport? Dorms? We were pleased with all the AP/DE credits that were able to be used toward an Electrical Engineering major.

Pretty much all UAH dorms are suite-style which is nice. They aren’t as big as Towers at UCF, but having your own room but also having other kids sharing a common room is helpful for making friends. They (housing) seem to do a good job matching kids up, at least Freshman year. D had a good group last year. She has two empty rooms in her suite this year & the new suitemate is an annoying slob, but D can just shut her door.

The Huntsville airport is cozy. It costs more to fly in & out of there but it is so convenient & the employees are actually nice.

Honors classes are generally good/better depending on the kid’s preference. (Like the Honors physics prof has somewhat of a cult following. He’s way tougher but also a better teacher. So you might not get an A but you’ll learn more & maybe enjoy the experience.)

It is a campus of geeks, so there aren’t many raucous parties. The Space/Hardware club is a big thing. Christian clubs are also big. Frats & sororities exist but aren’t all encompassing. It has been tough to have in person activities with Covid but there have been opportunities for involvement. The students are doing their best to connect and form study groups (on Discord?). Hopefully it will be better by fall.