U of British Columbia vs UC Santa Cruz

<p>Am a American citizen. Have been offered full financial aid at UCSC and just loans at UBC.
Major is undecided. ANy thoughts about why one university is preferable to other? Am concerned about budget crisis in California limiting class choice etc.</p>

<p>My two cents worth: ubc has a stronger rep, and overall more academically rigorous (close to Berkeley, far from Santa Cruz). But go with the free ride! Avoid loans at all costs! UBC is what, 35k for you? </p>

<p>I'm sure you can get a fantastic education and great experience at Santa Cruz and it might be much stronger in some specific areas, or in terms of fit, or regional recognition if you want to work in Cal.</p>

<p>Agreed. UBC is a great deal for those of us who couldn't get scholarship to a UC.... but a full ride is hard to pass up. Plus, living in Santa Cruz is way cheaper than living in Vancouver. I went to UBC but had lots of friends at UCSC, and they had a great time. Either way you have your pick of two good schools in two gorgeous locations. Have fun. :)</p>

<p>(Oh, and as an American, I would say that UBC has a stronger rep internationally, but people get confused when you tell them where you went: you went to University of Boston... what? But maybe that's just in my bassackwards state.)</p>

<p>U. British Columbia is a partner in the UC Education Abroad Program. With EAP, you pay UC tution and your financial aid applies, so you aren't paying any more.</p>

<p>I've been offered undergrad econs. course from U British Columbia and Mc Gill uni from Canada,which uni is a better choice for me (international student fr Asia) in terms of academic pursuit and job employment later on? Thanks</p>

<p>Wow, I'd take the full ride if I were you.</p>