U of Kentucky First Round Admissions

My son received an email last week that stated UK will be sending out the first round of admissions decisions today (Oct 11). Do share if anybody sees something that they are out.

We got the same email and did not see anything change in my daughters portal.
She’s waiting on UK to make a final decision on where to attend.

First round of admissions decisions are out! My S was accepted, OOS from NJ.

My OOS received her admission last week but no mention of merit in the letter. Does that come separate? She should qualify for automatic merit. Thanks

Merit will be communicated later they said.

I was told academic scholarship letters will be sent out at the end of November. Competitive scholarship offers go out March 1st after interviews for the Singletary in January/February.

My dd received her acceptance 11/8 oos, Indiana

My daughter did get her acceptance to Chem Engg and she has decided on UK. We sent in our housing deposit and we await potential scholarships I do and honors college info. She is OOS from IL. Cannot wait!

Has anybody heard when any merit scholarships might be awarded for OOS? UKY is high on my son’s list, but money matters for us OOS ppl.

Update, we received yesterday an OOS merit scholarship, so it looks like they are starting to send out.

Good luck to all.

Has anyone else received merit scholarship info. We are OOS and my daughter applied on 12/1. She received her acceptance but wondering when we might her about merit? Have they invited people for interviews?

Yes. See post above. My son received his official OOS scholarship in the mail last week.

yes thank you and congratulations!
I did see that, I was just wondering if there is anybody else out there that has heard or if they are still waiting.
No that is holiday break I assume we won’t hear anything till mid January.?

My D is OOS and also received scholarship information early last week. I found UK admissions very responsive if you drop them an email and ask about timing.

My son is OOS and received his acceptance in the mail today. Letter dated 12/18. We are hoping to receive merit as well based on his SAT scores so hopefully will hear soon about that. My fingers are crossed! He applied to Engineering/Electrical.

My daughter was accepted in October and received her merit scholarship a few weeks ago. When I emailed a few months ago, they said that Honors College and competitive scholarships come out in February/March. My son is a 2nd year engineering student at UK and loves it. Good luck to all.