U of M Pre-Screen

<p>I uploaded my audition Pre-Screen just before the December 1st deadline. It says I will be notified by Dec. 23rd. Anyone know if it’s a letter or an e-mail?</p>

<p>You will receive an email. At least, that's what I got...</p>

<p>Hope that helps!</p>


<p>Did you apply for the first deadline? Just wondering if anyone else has heard yet that applied when I did.</p>

<p>They send some more notifications today (from the Dec. 1 deadline), so hopefully you'll be hearing good news soon!</p>

<p>Yes, I applied early, and I heard back, I believe, a day or two before Michigan said they would respond by.</p>

<p>Our son did hear by email 10 days after submitting on 11/30/11 that he was invited for the 2/3 audition date. I'm sure with the busy end of semester and holidays it's taking some time to reach everyone. Hopefully you'll hear soon!</p>

<p>Wow! Finally got an e-mail from U of M and I was asked to audition. Awesome!!!!</p>

<p>See?! True to that 23rd deadline! Break a Leg and have a great holiday!</p>

<p>@abparent: Thanks! Break-a-leg to your S, too. I will be auditioning at Chicago Unifieds, also. </p>

<p>@CoachC: You were right :)</p>

<p>Does anyone know approximately how many made it through the U of M Pre-screen? Just wondering what the numbers are at this point.</p>

<p>Got the email about three weeks ago. Invited to audition!</p>

<p>luvzthe8r I was wondering that too...I'm auditioning on January 20, but I'm curious to know how many actually sent in videos, and how many were asked to audition. Maybe they'll say something at the audition...guess I'll just have to wait :)
It would also be interesting to know if some people who would have auditioned for Michigan didn't because they didn't want to make a video.</p>

<p>@lalamusicmuse - </p>

<p>If you hear any numbers mentioned at your audition, let me know. Mine isn't until 02/06. </p>

<p>Some of my MT friends didn't want to make a video (for various reasons like cost, didn't have good quality film equipment of their own, time involved), so they chose not to apply to colleges like U of M, Otterbein, or others with Pre-Screens. I guess if you want to go to a college badly enough, though, you will do whatever it takes for the audition. Break a leg.</p>

<p>I was speaking to a parent at an audition for another school, who's son also submitted a pre-screen video to Michigan. She stated that Michigan received +/_6,000 videos. If this is true, we may never know. I wonder how many of those 6,000 received invitations to the live audition. We may also never know. Unfortunately, her son did not get an invitation. For my son's videos, I just used some homemade videos from some summer camps that he was in. At that time they were only for my own use for posterity but they were eventually used for the prescreening. I considered them very amatuerish and rough but they demonstrated everything UofM wanted: 2 songs, 2 monos, 2 dances. Low and behold, we got the invite. Wonders never cease.</p>

<p>GOOD LUCK TO ALL and save your money for tuition wherever you go.</p>

<p>I have a hard time believing that they got 6,000 prescreen videos for Musical Theater (maybe this number included ALL their music programs....voice and instrumental, etc.).</p>

<p>A friend whose daughter is auditioning this year (and did get a pre-screen invitation, Yay!) was told that they were planning on offering audition time slots to 200 students.</p>

<p>If UMich managed to reduce the final audition count from around an estimated 600 last year to around an estimated 200 this year, that would be a very useful number- meaning they actually did some moderate to severe "pruning" rather than just a slight trim!</p>

<p>Soozievt, I sent you a pm. Thanks!</p>

<p>I did not receive it as my PM box is full. I prefer emails. Just click on my member name and a menu comes up and allows you to opt to choose to send an email. Thanks.</p>

<p>We were told at the auditions this past weekend that they are seeing students every week for the next 8 weeks. There were approximately 50 MT candidates there this past weekend. So if they were to see the same amount every week that would be about 400 candidates.</p>

<p>Ok so I just auditioned this weekend and someone asked about the numbers. They said that they received about 600 videos, then some of those people did not pass the academic prescreening so they were not eligible. Then, they did not pass some people that they felt would not be a good fit for the school. They said that since they are in the middle of all this, no one has sat down and counted how many videos they invited to audition, so they really don't know the numbers. So I don't think they said okay, we are going to accept X number of videos. I think they just kind of went through them.</p>