u of miami? *sigh*

<p>hey guys i live in south florida.
i go to a public school with about..2000 kids...yea...a thousand too many, lol.
anyway i'm a junior and i'm stressing out well becuz this year just started and in all my AP classes (which i have three -AP Lang, AP hist, AP psych) i have B's! Last yr. as a sophomore I took AP government and got a B. my cumilative GPA is like only a 3.0 becuz i got two C's in chem and geom...all the rest of my grades are B's and A's. my courseload as a freshmen was two hon, two reg, same as a sophomore but i had AP govt. this year i have all AP and honor sept one academic class which is math becuz i am horrible at it...i am the president & founder of young republicans at my school and the past two years ive been extremly active in clubs but this yr. i've only joined one but i am starting a poet society in 2nd semester. im also an active member in my omnibus class which is a nation wide magazine i am getting 3+ of my peices of writing submitted into that magazine. im indian and i suppose that's a minority? as a senior im going to be taking almost all AP classes with the exception of a few academic electives that aren't available in AP. if anyone knows how difficult it is to get into U of MIAMI plz answer back and tell me my chances of getting in becuz i am stressin out like no other. also im taking the NEW SAT's in jan and have no idea how i'll do, i wont do horribly becuz im takin it three times but i dont know if ill do incredibly. ah sigh. plz help me!</p>

<p>Could you post your stats in a list instead of one whole paragraph. I live in South Florida too (Palm Beach County).</p>

<p>I'm not from Florida, I'm from a suburb of IL. Miami is my first choice too. I know someone from my school who got in last year with around 3.9 only one AP of AP US as being their only AP, 28 or 29 ACT, and okay EC, nothing amazing. Hope that helps, good luck, I don't want to do if Miami rejects me!</p>


<p>I'm applying to Miami as well, via Boise Idaho. Here are my stats:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.972 (On an unweighted, A = 4 scale. Basically this means I've had one B in all of high school, damn Algebra)</p>

<p>Class rank: 13 of 417</p>

<p>SAT: 1300 Math: 570/Verbal: 730(First try, I'm taking it again on Nov.6 and once more on Dec. 4)</p>

National Honor Society
Young Progressives Club (President)
Newspaper (Editor-in-Chief)
Earth Club
Japan Club (Vice-Prez)</p>

<p>AP Classes:
AP US History (5)
AP English Lit/Comp
AP Macroeconomics
AP American Government </p>

<p>Also an avid cyclist who has ridden the Seattle to Portland (200 miles in 2 days) Bicycle Classic the last two years.</p>

<p>I sure hope I get in!</p>

<p>I would shocked if you didnt get in, all those aps, good grades, and you're from Idaho and they need people outside "big" states to make the school more well rounded. But you never know with adimissions but I def would not worry about it.</p>

<p>My son attends UM. His high school stats: 3.97 GPA unweighted. Rank 2 of 72. 29ACT composite. Math/Science student. No AP's (our school didn't offer any)but college credits from dual enrollment w/local community college. IL resident from small rural high school. EC's varied but no major hook to speak of. Excellent Work history and great recommendations. So-So essay in my opinion (writing is his downfall.) Got a good scholarship, although I see they have upped the minimum requirements. </p>

<p>He loves everything about UMiami. Any other questions you've got, I'd be glad to help!</p>

<p>After looking at my stats, what chance do you think I have of getting in? Also, what sort of scholarships do you think I'd recieve, because UM is insanely expensive.</p>

<p>Also, my neighbor has a masters in English and she reads all my essays, so I know they're solid.</p>

<p>Andrew....these academic scholarships I copied off their web site. I know they are strict in that each criteria must be met. Apparently, some kids have qualified for one but gotten a lesser one due to the number that have qualified at the same levels. Does that make sense? LOL<br>
Isaac Bashevis Singer
$28,400 annually
$113,600 total for four years
Top 1% class rank
"A+" average
1500 SAT I or 34 ACT</p>

<p>Bowman Foster Ashe
3/4 tuition
$21,300 annually
$85,200 total for four years
Top 5% class rank
"A" average
1400 SAT I or 32 ACT</p>

<p>Henry King Stanford
1/2 tuition
$14,200 annually
$56,800 total for four years
Top 7% class rank
"A" average
1350 SAT I or 31 ACT</p>

<p>George Edgar Merrick
1/3 tuition
$9,370 annually
$37,480 total for four years
Top 10% class rank
"A" average
1300 SAT I or 30 ACT</p>

<p>Jay F. W. Pearson
1/4 tuition
$7,100 annually
$28,400 total for four years
Top 10% class rank
"A-" average
1280 SAT I or 28 ACT</p>

<p>UM is also very generous with loans and grants. I won't lie....if one had to pay full freight I'd seriously consider other options, because with room, board, books, etc, Miami living can be expensive. But....in our case, it ended up being no more expensive than UIUC in state. Best of luck!!!</p>

<p>Henry King Stanford
1/2 tuition
$14,200 annually
$56,800 total for four years
Top 7% class rank
"A" average
1350 SAT I or 31 ACT</p>

<p>George Edgar Merrick
1/3 tuition
$9,370 annually
$37,480 total for four years
Top 10% class rank
"A" average
1300 SAT I or 30 ACT</p>

<p>Thank you! I qualify for the Merrick but if I can improve 50 on the SAT I can hopefully recieve the Stanford. That'd be sweet.</p>

<p>!! compared to everyone's high GPA's mine makes me feel uneasy about my chances of getting into U of Miami!...grr..i didnt realize miami was such a tough school to get accepted at? everyone i know has been accepted with 3.9 gpas WEIGHTED...wow..</p>

<p>i will have around 8 AP classes when I graduate highschool but becuz I got 2 C's my gpa is not so competitive. </p>

<p>Im the president & founder of young republicans.
I was in key club for two years
I was in Students Against Destructive Decisions for two years.
I was in Students Working Against Tobacco for two years.
I was in W.I.S.H for 1 year (working in spreading hope.)
I am an editor for Omnibus and have had a lot of my writing submitted to this nation-wide magazine.</p>

<p>The lowest grade i've recieved in an AP/Honors class is a B
and I most likely will not be asking for any finaide...</p>

<p>SO...my chances at U of miami are seemingly unlikely :-( but is there any other schools anyone thinks I might have a chance at?</p>

<p>3.9 GPAs weighted are easy to get, unweighted is harder. I already have a 4.34 Weighted GPA.</p>

<p>shivani......UM's acceptance rates are 44% and the AVG. gpa for acceptance is 4.0 weighted. Don't be discouraged. If UM is what you want, then I say go for it! Don't let a few numbers posted on a message board discourage you. At least give it a try. Since your just a junior in high school you have time. Just be sure and find some other schools you would like to attend as well. Then apply. You might not get in or might not get the scholarships you want or need, but then again........you might! No one knows for sure till they try. I wish you the best of luck!! :)</p>

<p>You can get a 4.0 Weighted with a bunch of AP and honors classes. I know alot of stupid people who went to UM, your chances aren't that bad.</p>

<p>hah well thanks, hopefully i am not what UM thinks is stupid?
but yeah thanks for all the help :-)</p>

<p>I'm applying to university of miami also. what do you think my chances are to get in? how bout scholarhips?</p>

<p>SAT-1370(710M, 660V)
school does not rank..so what happens now for scholarships?
from idaho also..</p>

<p>dont feel like listing ECs</p>

<p>oh. i have taken the hardest classes that my school offers, and have a hard senior schedule...</p>

<p>I talked to the Univ.of miami rep. who came to india recently.he told me that I am a very strong candidate for the Singer scholarship.</p>

<p>neelesh, you have a good chance. Is that 3.91 GPA weighted or unweighted?</p>

<p>My D applied to UM EA. She has a 1400 SAT, 32 ACT, SATII's 620 (math 1C), 740 (literature) and 710 (writing). She is ranked number 1/245, has a 4.17 GPA, lots of EC's - including 4 year letterman in soccer and track, Treasurer of Interact and Editor in Chief of the school paper. She was interviewed here in PA and we too are hoping that she will get a nice scholarship.. SHe is visiting there this month with a friend. Can't wait to see what she thinks once she visits!!</p>

<p>the 3.91 is weighted..</p>