U of R ED class of 2025

Hey! I applied ED to U of R and got accepted. I was wondering if anyone else got accepted too? Looking to make friends and connect with people. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! My D was accepted, too, to study Epidemiology.

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Thank you, congrats to her too! I’m majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Do you know whether they’ll send an email about the financial package or by mail?

I think we’ll hear something via email, but they might do both. I think they are sending out FA packages by Dec 21.

could you share your STATS

Hi! I applied regular decision but applied to the GEAR program (I am waiting to hear back). I also will be majoring in biomedical engineering. Congrats on your acceptance!

Does anyone know if the scholarship short answer questions influence admissions or just scholarships once accepted?

did you guys submit the family/peer recommendation?

My daughter just got her acceptance yesterday (RD), she is also studying Epidemiology/Public Health. She will interview for the HEAL program in February.

We are very excited, as U of R is her first choice. Keeping our fingers crossed for the full financial aid package.

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Is the ED2 decision out?

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I don’t know about ED2, my daughter applied RD, but I believe that she received her decision because she applied for the HEAL program, and they do the interviews in February.

i have yet to recieve any decision from U o R

Is there anyone know when will UofR release ED2 decision? Would really like to know it

Any information on how many students U of R accepted in the ED 1 and ED 2 rounds? Perhaps number of members in the Class of 2025 FB group or the like?

Wondering how many spots are left for RD.


Last year was like 500ish on ED and 900-1000 on RD but I believe they will accept more this year on ED and less on RD

Hi!! I applied RD and was wondering if anybody knows when they’ll be released :relaxed: congrats to all that have been accepted!!

Does UR send an email when there’s a status update/decision posted?

can you guys chance me please. really freaking out.
I’m an international student studying the A-Level curriculum.
→ I have a 4.0/4.0 UW GPA
→ I come #35 out of 950 (maybe 1200 students- not to sure due to recent expansion) students at my high school
→ SAT got a 1360. (haven’t submitted instead opted for predicted A level as my testing preference)
→ Predicted 3A* at A-Level (Mathematics, Econ, Business)
→ Wasn’t allowed to partake in extracurriculars due to some reasons but tried my best to pursue those things which I’m interested in. I know they are extremely unorthodox and probably have no weightage in the eyes of the admissions officers.

Started my own Charity (Unofficial- Doesn’t have a name and isn’t registered yet)
Became a self-taught forex and stocks trader and also teach trading- to help my father financially and to pay for the charity.
took care of my grandparents on a regular basis.
tutored my younger cousin
was the captain of 3 business competitions
Am an unofficial fitness trainer and nutritionist
Am a micro Instagram influencer- make my own content/earn some money too.
Miscellaneous activities/hobbies- participated in a couple of badminton tournaments at my club, frequently paint/draw, etc
→ I also faced certain extenuating circumstances because of which I got mediocre O-Level results and because of which I was also not allowed to participate in ECAs.
→ financial aid needed

I’ve been accepted into ED2 at the University of Rochester, and I think UR looks at each individual’s uniqueness more than anything else, and if you meet their merit requirements, of course, you meet them, they’re going to talk about whether you’re going to be a benefit to the school and whether you’re a “unique” applicant, not whether you’re good enough or whether you have a perfect SAT. So if your paperwork is good enough, you’ll definitely get in. (They write on each person’s offer about the things that make that person unique and why they chose to admit that student, which makes me think they really read each person’s paperwork carefully)

thank you so much. I’m definitely not unique. I highly doubt ill gett in. Huge congrats to you by the way!!!