U.Va vs. William and Mary

<p>Which one is better? I was accpeted into both, and now I have a BIG decision to make. Help, please.</p>

<p>i would also like to know the compaison between uva and william and mary.</p>

<p>I would say UVA, </p>

<p>UVA is rank #21 in the nation among all Colleges and University and is tied with Berkeley for the Best public school. The only bad(or shall i say underaverage compare to the rest of the schools) is Engineering. I take it you dont want to do Engineering bc your comparing UVA and WM, So i guessing you want to do something in Arts and Sciences. I feel that The College of art and sciences in UVA is a better program than WM. Campus, hands down UVA over WM, even the size is nice since UVA is about 13000 UGs while WM has only 6000 UGs. Socially i would say UVA bc it has a "work hard play hard" philsophy rather than the "work hard" philsophy i saw at WM. I plan to do Economics and was looking at the two schools and chose UVA over WM.</p>

<p>As you know both of them are excellent schools and you can't go wrong with either of them. It will depend on whether you like a small college to a large one, if you want small classes as opposed to big lectures halls (my english class was 5 people last semester) and many factors. Some would say UVA just because is ranked higher but those rankings are really not that serious and just as many people consider W&M and UVA both at the same level academically. W&M is known to be an academic boot camp and when you graduate people will know that you will have worked very hard to earn it. Good luck on your decisions and I'd encourage you to visit the schools, perhaps if you're really into Frats/Sororities and preppy people from Northern Virginia, you will like UVA. If you are pretty liberal, open-minded and not comforming, smart and more into academics than sports then W&M would be a wiser choice.</p>

<p>The College of Arts and Sciences is a COLLEGE not a department or a major so I don't know how you're comparing the two. There are certain departments that are stronger in either school like (Economics is better at UVA, while Chemistry is better at W&M), etc.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for all of your imput. I guess the admit days will help sway my decision.</p>

<p>Keep hearing the "preppy" contingent from NOVA. How exactly do you describe that group? Doesn't W &M have the about the same per centage in the Greek system? Do most kids from NOVA choose UVA or are there just as many at W & M?</p>

<p>The out-of-state students at W&M compromises 40% of each class as opposed to 30% at UVA, and did you know that TJ High school in NOVA sends around 200+ to UVA...that's one high school, that's a hell of a lot of from just one high school up in NOVA. Are you from NOVA? I'm from NOVA..I was born and raised there, I know what is like and the stereotypes that follows a Northern Virginian.</p>

If you are pretty liberal, open-minded and not comforming, smart and more into academics than sports then W&M would be a wiser choice.


I think that's an excellent assessment of the student body at W&M, though there are also some very conservative folks there, too - and I'm sure you could find people who fit that description at UVA, as well.</p>

<p>My d is choosing between UVA and another school, with W&M as her backup if she can't see herself at the first two. That's not to slight W&M, which is probably a fantastic fit for her - but her sister is a senior at W&M, and she says she'd rather go her own way.</p>

<p>My daughter at W&M has several friends at UVA and visits there at least twice a year. She thinks it's significant that, whenever her UVA friends visit her, they point out the large numbers of W&M kids studying everywhere, at all times of the day/week (well, not on Friday/Saturday nights). They seem to find it remarkable! Since the student bodies at both schools are obviously equally bright and accomplished, the difference is either a workload thing or a campus culture thing.</p>

<p>Anyone else care to weigh in on this topic? Especially out of state people? I'm not from NOVA so that's why I'm interested in what that typical stereotype really is.</p>

<p>Is the college of arts and science the best school in UVA?</p>

<p>The College of Arts and Sciences is the biggest school at UVA with the most majors and such. The Engineering School kids are often made fun of by the other kids because it is the "backdoor" into UVA.</p>

<p>I've always preferred W&M to UVA. At UVA, you'll have huge classes, less focused students,</p>

<p>How do you know UVa kids are less focused? UVa kids do really well - winning Rhodes, Luce, Mitchell, and Truman Scholarships. In fact, UVa has had more Rhodes Scholars than any other public university or college and most Ivy League schools save Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.</p>

<p>I suggest people visit both schools and see which one best fits you. Both are great educational institutions.</p>

<p>I completely agree with celebrian25, that is why the USNews ranked WM as the top public institution in the nation in terms of commitment to teaching and it is also the highest ranked small public university in the country. Of course I'm going to be biased but last year when I was making this decision myself I visited both campuses and the people at W&M def. won me over, when I visited UVA, I still remember a group of students from the E-school just cramped us (highschoolers) in a room left for like half an hour because they were looking for a Dean to speak to us, they never found her so they came back and were not able to answer many of our questions because none of us were interested in engineering. That visit was enough to tell me which school was more interested in me. UVA is an amazing school and I think you should go visit both campuses and get a feel for what both campuses have to offer YOU. Good luck</p>

<p>I would go to UVA, but that's probably because of stats only. UVA is tied with Michigan for second best public institution according to US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, so it's a pretty good school. However, WM is also. To be honest, I think that you should visit the campuses of both to get a better idea of where you would fit in.</p>

<p>WMRocks, aren't you trying to transfer to UVa? In the Transfer section of this site, you listed your stats as a student trying to transfer from W&M to UVa.</p>

<p>Yep, my parents are moving to Charlottesville and I would live at home because we are going through some financial problems and it would be to our advantage for me to transfer there, even though I don't want to and love W&M to death. I don't think its necessary for me to explain myself but I did so you know that I have legitimate reasons of why I applied.</p>

<p>Admitted students day at UVA: Is anyone going and what do you think you will accomplish there that will help you make a decision? The program doesn't seem much different from a regular visit.</p>

If I don't get into UVA...I'm just gonna suck it up and be happy at William & Mary


<p>wmrocks, you stated the above on another thread. Now this does not sound like a ringing endorsement of W&M.</p>

<p>BTW, I got into both schools - as an Echols Scholar at UVA and a Monroe Scholar at W&M. So I don't have an axe to grind.</p>