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I don’t see a thread about this on Univ. of Alabama Huntsville yet. Does anyone have any insight into the Digital Animation program with a Game Design Production minor? We are in NY and D qualifies for the 100% tuition merit and will probably apply for the honors college, it looks like so much about this school is right up her alley. It seems the program is fairly new, not sure whether that’s a good thing or not. It certainly looks impressive but of course it would, they wouldn’t want you to see the downside. Are there internship opportunities, relevant study abroad etc.?

We won’t be able to visit before she applies, so any info you have is appreciated. What is the weather like, I know it’s warm, mostly, but is it super humid as well? How are the dorms? She is a nerdy, D&D player and loves gaming, math, science and ART, not a partier especially, is a shy extrovert, will she find her people? Is it a pressure cooker atmosphere or are people pretty chill? She’s a bit competitive but I personally would like to see her in a more laid back environment for her mental health. She’s not really into sororities, but then again she may surprise me, she’s kinda unpredictable that way. She’s very open to experiencing new things.

She will likely color her hair some primary or pastel color, maybe get her nose pierced or her ear cartilage and I’m pretty sure a tattoo is in her future (none of which I like, but she’ll be over 18, it’s her body, her mistakes, I’m not paying for any of it), are these things normal on this campus? You see them everywhere on the Northeast campuses we’ve visited with the exception of Marist, and I don’t know what the atmosphere is like in Huntsville. Then again, maybe if she’s the only one with those things, she won’t get them :).


My son will be attending next fall as a freshman electrical engineering major. We did not visit until after he was accepted and got the scholarship. We were very pleasantly surprised by how nice the campus was and Huntsville too… we are from PA. The dorms are the nicest we saw… all suite style with private bedrooms for all… big selling point. You can see a dorm tour on YouTube. The schools is very STEM focused, so she would feel right at home. It is a pretty “nerdy” crowd, nut with 10k students, obviously they have kids with lots of different interests. I am ot familiar with the program of study she is interested in, but I would encourage you to visit once she is admitted. Best of luck!

You or she might get a better feel and more answers on the UAH subreddit (on Reddit - Google to find it). It isn’t super active, but there are some computer science folk on there who might know something about the program.

When we visited, the kids seemed nice - somewhat introverted, but friendly. Dorms were decent. The honors dorm was nice - a lot better than the ones I stayed in at college. I have no idea on the hair color/tattoo questions as I don’t notice details like that. It is one of the only campuses we visited that has more males than females.

There is also a parent group on Facebook.
My student is an upcoming sophomore majoring in Art History with a minor in History. Applied as an Astrophysics major, then their LOC heart won and they switched to Art History. My student wants to be a professor.

We have been in Central TX for 6 years but prior to that Reno, NV. My student was hoping for a colder climate and while it is cooler, its not necessarily colder. Snow is very very rare but it does rain, a lot. There are periods of severe weather including nasty thunderstorms complete with hail. Two weeks ago we had our first Tornado warning but the campus is well equipped to do everything they can to keep the students safe.

Several parents on the FB page talk about how the area where the University is, really doesn’t have a history of tornado activity but it is known in the area and can occur.

My student is very happy at UAH, really found their niche. Small enough to feel comfortable but large enough to in their words, “meet someone new every day.”

My student has a septum piercing, prefers the pronouns of They/Them, has had hair of just about every shade of the rainbow as does their roommate who was an RA. My student is a walking example of diversity. The campus is a bit nerdy and introverted but does also have quite a bit of diversity.

My student went to UAH because it was the best financial option that allowed them to leave the state of Texas which they were determined to do. My student was apprehensive, really wanted something in the liberal N.E. or Pacific NW - alas, those were not affordable. My student went off to orientation one year ago today and came home a different kid. Loved the culture, loved the lack of football and the “sports culture” that in their opinion creates the sports culture, although absolutely enjoys the hockey and made it to most of the home games.

My student has the full tuition/housing merit scholarship, is in the Honors college and just ended the semester with a 4.0. My student is currently on campus as an Orientation Leader. They had such a positive experience at Orientation that they wanted to be part of the process. They applied for a position, went thru an intensive interview process and earned one of the OL positions.

UAH has been and continues to be a great choice for my student.