UAH Computer Science

DD just graduated with a CS degree + math minor. She did this in 8 semesters over 4 years. GPA in the mid 3’s. 2 years on campus, 2 off.

No debt. This spring in particular that feels like a very good decision. :slight_smile:

Nothing is perfect, but in our experience UAH was very much as represented on their website and in our visits. One of my best memories was visiting the planetarium on Monte Sano. When we arrived, the docent turned around, recognized my daughter and called her by name. The docent was a math prof and my daughter was a freshman in her calculus class. You don’t get that everywhere.

As parents, we’re pleased with the university, the city, and the overall experience with UAH. We’ve become quite attached to Huntsville. I proudly wear the swag we got at the bookstore when she was a freshman.

Thanks UAH!

Since it comes up in other threads, I will add something about the graduation rate based on DD’s experience.

  1. A number of her friends also had accepted the full tuition scholarship. Unfortunately, a number of these failed to maintain the necessary GPA so transferred to a local or in-state school. Presumably the more restrictive scholarship requirements will have an impact on this.
  2. A number of others, including her roommate, accepted coop positions from local companies, and this typically delays graduation from 1 semester to a year or two, depending on the gig. DD was offered one but elected to graduate in 4 years instead. We figured that we could afford the room and board, and since she had earned the scholarship - and more importantly was maintaining it with a comfortable margin - she also had earned the right to decide what to do about the internship/coop.
  3. A couple changed majors. In an engineering curriculum there isn’t a lot of slack, and a major change usually requires a couple extra semesters.

There are no doubt other reasons, but these reflect what we heard.