UAH Honors College for First Time Freshman

The requirements for UAH honors college say minimum of ACT 28 and GPA 3.5, but has anyone had expereince of getting accepted to the Honors College with lower ACT scores?

We were told at a recent visit that if you are close to go ahead and apply & give the essay & application prompts plenty of attention. They look at each application carefully and acceptances are around 70% of applicants but that it gets harder to get in the later you apply since they will have filled most of their spots early.
Good luck!

Ok thank u so much!

My son applied with a 31 ACT and was not accepted.

@KristyLizz Wow! I’m surprised. I won’t presume anything, but wonder if you saw his essay? That’s supposed to be pretty important.
The dean of the Honors College did say they were being pretty selective to keep the total numbers in line with the president of UAH’s request to keep the Honors numbers to 10% of the student population. He said acceptances were running 60-70% (I think) this year. I got the impression he gets more selective the further in the year it gets.

I read the essay… it was fine. No clue why he was not chosen, but it’s ok, he wasn’t terribly broken up about it. As an engineering major I am sure he will be busy enough.

How is he liking it there?