UAH International Student- Evaluation URGENT

Hi, I’m an international student from India and I really need help as to what agency should I opt for my credential evaluations
I have done my research and this is what I have come across:

  1. WES Evaluation- This is the most trusted company. However, it requires that the documents be sent from the National board itself. The board office is in Delhi (I live in Mumbai) and millions of students give their exam through the board. It is extremely unfeasible to have the board send the documents. However, if the school sends my documents, WES rejects them and I do not get refunded. This is a link of one of the experiences a student had with WES from India:
  2. Josef Silny and Associates - I have read no good review about this company. I’m not sure how reliable this company is but the internet seems to think not at all.
    They seem to never return the original documents and half of the times, the university does not even receive the evaluation after the payment has been done.
  3. Lisano International- There is no trace of this agency on the internet. There are no reviews or discussions about this company and that makes me slightly apprehensive. I tried calling them but I cannot reach them and there is nothing about this company on facebook, reddit or college confidential.

Could you PLEASE guide me as to what agency should I use? I really want to study abroad and UAH is my best shot considering their opportunities as well as the merit scholarships that they provide. I come from a low-income family and I cannot afford to be scammed or not have the colleges get my documents or have my original documents lost

I wish I knew about the agencies, but from the simple summaries you provided, the best of the three sounds like #1. Is there another message board on CC you can ask for advice? Or another school that gets more international students? Good luck!

We used WES and had no issues. But my son has appeared for IGCSE and A Levels in India offered by Cambridge International examinations (CIE), UK and they excepted the transcripts and statement of results. I think being a CIE they can verify the statements of results online