UArts-Philly Auditions

<p>My dd is auditioning in Philly for their dance program in Jan. Does anyone know how many audition and how many get accepted. I know that their incoming Freshman class is very large compared to other schools but I just wondering?</p>

<p>Last year three from my dds school auditioned. I think they said around 50 in the group. One of the three, a male, was accepted.</p>

<p>DD auditioned last weekend. There were 60 kids auditioning. They were broken down into two rooms of 30. Ballet was barre and across the floor. Jazz was great but really fast and hard(this is coming from my dd who is a jazz dancer), she really liked the modern that was more contemp. Then she did her solo. Overall she said there was a mixture of talent with the majority of people that should not have been there.</p>

<p>Good luck to your daughter. I hope she makes it.</p>

<p>also had a d audition last weekend, d also mentioned that the feild wasn’t as strong as d thought it would be.</p>

<p>Dear Katlynskrew,
My dd said that in her group there were a few good people. Now that is not saying my dd will get in but we have found thru the audition process that the dancers that are auditioning arent as good as we thought. We thought we would be blown away and we havent been. Good Luck to your dd. Uarts is my dd first choice so she is nervous but at least we dont have to wait too long.</p>

<p>Hello: my daughter is making her final decision on schools now. She is primarily interested in ballet. Hopes to dance professionally someday. I would greatly appreciate any advice about The Boston Conservatory v. The Hartt School (U Hartford) v. U Arts? How strong is the program, reputation in the field, performance opportunties, friendliness of students, college life - anything at all!!! Thanks very much.</p>

<p>Hi - do you mind telling me if your D is going to U Arts? I am trying to get as much info as possible before we decide. wondering what you thought of it. Thanks</p>

<p>Hi. My daughter is going to Shenandoah Conservatory. She did not get into UArts, but a few of her friends did. If your daughter wants to be a ballet dancer Uarts is not the place. If your daughter got into Boston Cons. and the Hartt school, I would pick between those 2. My daughters friend goes there and there is a new director and she is totally changing the program. He says the kids are not too keen on it. Also, we did not get a very good feel that the school is professional and cares for the kids. JMO. Congrats to your dd and good luck with your pick!</p>

<p>Dancerinpa – What does you daughter think of the dance at Shenandoah? It is on my junior DS list of potential schools.</p>

<p>Dear Boonesboro, My dd is very excited about going there. The dept. head wrote her a lovely note welcoming her to the program. She went to the accepted student day and it only confirmed her love of the school. It is a small program where there are few BFA students and alot of BA students. BFA students are tracked to higher level courses in dance. It is a well rounded program with equal emphasis on ballet, modern and jazz. The modern teacher is from Korea? and her numbers usually have an asian flair. She is amazing. My dd is more in the jazz area and the teacher is from Gus Giordano and my dd loves his style. You really should go and visit it. It is small but everyone we have met is just welcoming and so nice. For a private school their tuition is reasonable and they are very generous with academic and dance awards. I believe all conservatory students get work study too! Beautiful little campus in a safe city. Go check it out. Let me know what you think.</p>

<p>dancerpa, I guess I missed that you DD was heading to Shenandoah. Congratulations. It was in the final 2 for my DD, as I think we have discussed before. Boonesboro, my DD liked a great deal of what Shenandoah had to offer and the program chair was completely wonderful. IN the end my D opted to go to point park but it was a difficult decision. One of the things I really liked about Shenandoah is the clarity of their curriculum across several options, from performance to arts administration, ro dance education.
Dancerpa- sending your D an exciting and wonderful year.</p>

<p>Dancerinpa - Hi and congratulations to your DD on her acceptance to Shenandoah! Thanks for your reply- it makes me feel better about my DD’s decision. She has decided to attend the Boston Conservatory over Hartt and U Arts [and letting those nice scholarships go which made it a realllllly tough call]. She is trained in ballet and that is her love, so I am glad you think she is making the right choice. I wasn’t sure if you meant the new director was at U Arts? Because I do know they are about to get a new director at Boston as well. Best wishes!</p>

<p>My daughter got into and is considering Boston Conservatory, U ArtsPhiladelphia, and Point Park. She is interested in modern dance. Can anyone give me their opinion/advice. She likes Boston, but I can’t seem to find out much information about their program other than their own literature. Cost is a major issue also. Boston scholarships are less than the others. Thanks for any advice or info anyone can provide.</p>

<p>jepayne, my dd is a modern major at PPU and is very happy. She did not audition for BOCO because she was not intereted in a conservatory. If you haev questions or would like more information about Point Park maybe you can PM me.</p>

<p>All three programs are all different. I would put PPU at the top then Boston(due to cost) and then Uarts. PPU has a great modern program. My dd loved their summer program but wanted a more campus feel. Good Luck.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies. Right now my daughter feels PPU is too far and she didn’t love the Pittsburgh area. We are in NYC. Why do you put Uarts after Boston? Thanks again. Have to make a decision quickly.</p>

<p>Hi jepayne - just wondering if your DD decided on BoCo or U Arts? Mine decided on BoCo. Good luck.</p>

<p>We’re still discussing it but realize today is the day to finalize it. I know you said your daughter is interested in ballet. My daughter’s focus is modern. Do you have any thoughts on BOCO vs. U Arts for modern. I can’t seem to get any information on this. My daughter’s preference is BOCO but I’m not sure it’s better for modern…that in conjunction with the cost is making this decision difficult. Hope I hear from you soon. Thanks for any advice.</p>

<p>jepayne, have you looked for any YouTube of both UArts and Boco programs? We have found doing this to be very helpful in getting insight on a lot of programs that DD has looked at. DD has a lot of friends at UArts and while she once looked at it as a maybe the more videos she watches the more it looks like a place that she feels she can fit in. Every dancer has different needs but I can certainly say there are places we have been able to tell would not be a good fit for her by watching as many performance, rehearsal, and class videos as we could get our hands on. Thank goodness for modern technology!</p>