UB - ABS program

I’m applying for UB’s second degree/accelerated nursing program. They review applications based on: 1 video response, 1 essay response, resume, cumulative GPA and prerequisite GPA.

My self eval:
-The average cumulative GPA of those accepted/enrolled is a 3.500(3.0 minimum to apply), and I have a 3.638.
-The average prerequisite GPA of those accepted/enrolled is a 3.720(3.0 minimum to apply) and I have a 3.937. 4/9 of the prereqs are required at time of application and I have 6. Not sure if this matters.
-Resume section summarized: I am a CNA so I have clinical experience. I have healthcare admin experience too. I also have leadership experience as a camp relations manager and airport coordinator at the same camp.
-Video and Essays: I’m not sure how to compare these, but I feel like they are at least average? Hard to really compare but I tried my best. Of all subjects, writing and articulating my thoughts is very difficult. But I feel like after several drafts my responses came out as best as I could get them. So I will rate them as average, maybe slightly below average to be conservative?

Anyone feel like evaluating my chances for me? I won’t hear back until December and I am extremely anxious. I submitted my app the other day and can’t stop thinking about it.