UBC and SAT scores

Hey I’m currently a senior in HS. I started my application for UBC and I’m having doubts about submitting my application. The cost is $108 so I really don’t wanna waste my money. My question is does UBC consider SATS scores a huge factor? My gpa cum is 3.81 and 4.1 (junior year) I have already taken all of the pre prerequisites required for the programs I’m interested in (kinesiology and biological science) I am only taking 4 classes senior year (AP CAL AB, Bio org chem, English 12, and microbiology semester 1 anatomy and physiology smester 2) I have good leadership and ECs


I took the SAT in Feb with no prep and got a 1500!!! I am taking it again Oct and expect a 200-300 score increase (in sha Allah)

But just in case I don’t get a decent score…are SAT scores that important? I can’t find any application fee waivers and can’t risk wasting $100 bucks


I’ve talked to advisors about SAT/ACT scores, and the general expectation is ~2000/30 for international students. Your grades are pretty good though, so no problem there.

Why should a Canadian school give an American applicant a fee waiver? If you are that low income you need to stay in the US and get financial aid.

If you do not get at least an 1850 when you retake the SAT then applying will be a waste of money.

I’m Canadian so i’m not sure if my criteria is different from yours but …

  1. Canadian schools don’t even require SAT/ACT scores (like they literally do not look at it)
    My friend who got in last year is international and he did not need to take any standardized testing.
  2. UBC looks at your percentage for your top four grade 12 courses. This means that if you took any grade 12 courses in grade 11 and got a high 90, they will take those marks to calculate your average.
  3. UBC is a lot cheaper than American schools, so it is financially great. I would contact the school about fee waivers.

Hope I helped!

@canadiannewbie You are incorrect. Many Canadian universities REQUIRE SAT/ACT scores for American applicants.

$108.00 Canadian dollars is roughly equivalant to $83.00 US dollars.

Equivalent… sorry.

What about 1920 : Math 780 , CR;470 , Writing:670 and my school GPA is always 98.28 and above . Am currently doing Sat again in December to raise my critical reading score to the 500s . Am an international student applying to faculty of applied science - Biotechnology… Please tell me are my scores high enough to take place in UBC or no?

The 470 CR score will make UBC a reach or out of reach.

what’s the minimum score for cr that would make me safe ? I’ve done TOEFL and got above 100

what’s the minimum score for cr that would make me safe ? I’ve done TOEFL and got above 100

600 is the bare minimum.

my last chance is december , it’s very hard to reach such a score do you have any advice ?

So I took the ACT and SAT. I scored 24 on the ACT (gonna retake january) and 1730 (570;540;620;8 on essay). I plan on taking two subject tests (bio M and maybe math I or chem or lit). I am done with my application, but have not submitted it yet. Do you guys think it is worth applying too? Also should I apply for housing while I complete my online application?

UBC absolutely cares about SAT scores and requires them. They also weigh a good AP score very heavily if you have any to speak of.

@sam998 what if i had bad score in cr but in toefl reading 25 ?

So i just got offered admission to ubc! yay!

congrats!! what was your grade average and highest SAT score (if it’s okay to ask) cuz I m really worried about mine…

@s1960kx Lol its fine. My highest was 1730. I was supposed to retake it jan 23, 2016 (for scholarships), buuuuuut that stupid snow storm messed everything up lol so it’s been postponed to Feb 20. My grade average is 4.1 junior year, 4.25 senior year, and 3.8 cumulative. Honestly, I am very surprised I got in. I guess the personal profile reaaeeaaally does weigh A LOT.