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I’m in a dilemma of choosing between UBC or McGill for my undergrad. I want to major in computer science and gain some background in economics/finance. I’ve been accepted to UBC - Science and McGill - Arts & Science. If I do choose UBC, I still have to compete for a space in computer science, but if I choose McGill, I will be guaranteed in double majoring computer science and economics/finance. I heard the ranking of McGill is decreasing because of funding and stuff, but won’t the recognition and “prestige” of McGill still be better than UBC? Also, note that I don’t mind Montreal or Vancouver, both are great cities with tolerable weather (for me at least).

McGill because you have been admitted to both of your desired majors.

I agree I wouldn’t gamble with UBC second entry requirements since McGill is admitting you directly to your majors of choice.

People have been saying that since about 1970, mostly Ontarians.

@TomSrOfBoston given the recent university funding cuts instituted by the current Ontario government I don’t think we have anything to lord over schools in Quebec.

@TomSrOfBoston you’re right. 1976, to be exact. There was some truth to it, but I would say that McGill is about as healthy as it has been for a long time.

To the OP- completely different milieu’s, but if you don’t care it makes things easier. All things being equal(which they never are), UBC is considered a bit better for CS, McGill for Commerce. S1 is attending McGill for Commerce, and S2 is looking at few places for CS, so I have some idea of what’s what, though a current student at UBC CS would be far more informed.

They are both very good schools, and both likely to kick your butt academically, unless you are brilliant. I know that S2 is completely turned off by the idea of going to school for CS, then not being able to make the cut after the 1st year, so he is leaning way from UBC. McGill is likely to have more connections to Wall and Bay Street(especially Wall Street)than UBC, if that is important to you.

I would ignore the rankings. They punch in the same weight class academically. Far more important is how well you will fit in, and flourish, at each school.

I would say that a combination of CS and Commerce would make you very employable in the future.

Oh, and housing will be cheaper in Montreal. West Point Grey is spendy.

Hey, I know it might be a little too late, but I’m in an almost the same situation as you were. I am accepted to the Faculty of arts at UBC and Desautels Faculty at McGill. I am planning to major in Economics and to take a minor in something like neuroscience or chemistry. I’ve accepted offers from both unis and I still need to pick the one I’m going to.
I like Montreal so much more and I will definitely be a better fit for McGill, however UBC seems very forward-focused and it is very flexible with the structure of my course which is really appealing to me (which McGill does not have)
I’m just concerned about McGill’s chronically underfunded situation and how that would impact me as an undergrad. As well as it’s continuous decline in the rankings
I’m glad I saw something recent on college confidential that’s similar to my situation and I can compare it to someone else’s. So I just wanted to ask, which uni did you choose eventually?

I eventually chose McGill. Despite Mcgill’s drop in rankings, it is still a renowned university and will adequately prepare students for graduate school. I chose McGill over UBC because of two reasons: the limited spacing in comp sci at UBC and the recognition of McGill outside of Canada. A little background: my dad works at a high position job at JP Morgan and worked at HSBC, Macquarie, and Deutsche Bank all around South East Asia, specifically Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Every time I asked my dad’s colleagues about the question on which school I should go to, most of them, if not all, said McGill. The reason for this is because McGill is more known outside of Canada. In fact, jokingly, some of them were like “What’s UBC?” Don’t forget, this is just a small little anecdote and may not be true. Nevertheless, BOTH schools are terrific. If you want to major in economics/finance, go for Desautels rather than Arts at UBC.
Sorry for the late-ass reply!

Congratulations! I think that you made a great choice. I have traveled around the world and agree with your conclusion that McGill is better known outside of North America. I also agree with “BOTH schools are terrific”. I expect that you will enjoy four years in Montreal and will find your classes academically demanding. Try some poutine with a “Fin Du Monde” and get yourself a good winter coat! Best wishes for you and for your success.

By the way, if you see the video of someone snowboarding in the streets of Montreal, don’t try it yourself! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, no matter how late it is;)
I eventually chose McGill as well, and it’s quite reassuring to hear what you’re saying about these schools. So see you at McGill in September, an anonymous stranger from college confidential!

So can anyone comment on why Desautels at McGill rather than Arts and Sciences for a degree in economics (honors)? The former is much more expensive for Americans. Is it worth it?

In response to post #7. Your Dad’s collegues may have answered in that manner because their kids were applying to UBC & did not want any additional competition.

@roycroftmom Degrees such as commerce (Desautels), computer science and engineering are considered to be professional undergraduate degrees that students can get well paying jobs without a graduate degree. Canadian universities charge both domestic and international students more for these degrees.

Hey man! I never saw you could double major in CS and Economics at McGill. Can you tell me how you did that?

CS and Econ at McGill would be a very heavy course load. Honors Econ…well, be prepared to lose some sleep.

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