UBuffalo Prospective Student

I posted this on another so im gonna just copy and paste.

I was wondering if I should apply early action and my chances in general. UB is my dream school and I really want to get in. I was thinking early action should be the way to go since there probably aren’t that many applying yet and my chances might be better this way. Any insight and help is truly apprectiated. Intend to major in poli sci undergrad.

I have a:

3.3 cumulative (88% average). I took a few college courses junior year, although I struggled with one and got a C- (weighed as 80), I had A’s and B’s on the rest of my transcript.

1110 SAT (560 Math, 550 English).

I have 7/10 activities to report on the common app. This is also the order of ranking with years participated. Plan on being no

NHS (10,11,12)
Student Gov’t (9,10,11)
School Newspaper (11)
Theater production (9,10,11,12)
Clinic Volunteer (9,10)
Music Honor Society (10,11,12)
Track club (11)

1 Rec letter from an English professor and a pretty solid essay.

I know this might be somewhat vague but I just need some advice. Thank You